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Customers Outside California Pay No Sales Tax on Commercial Lighting Solutions at, the web’s leading online retailer of commercial lightinggrow lights and home and outdoor lighting has announced its own kind of tax-break: it will pay the sales tax on all orders from customers outside of California. This announcement represents the latest in the company’s commitment to serving businesses and to providing the highest quality USA-made lighting systems, parts and accessories at unbeatable discount prices.

“We realized that during this time of year, the last thing businesses want to do is pay more taxes. What could be more appropriate than a sales tax break?” asks Christina Roush, general manager, “This is our way of saying‘Thanks’ and offering our continuing support to business owners. We’re grateful to be a trusted source for America’s commercial lighting needs.”

Businesses everywhere are indeed bracing for more hard times and thus seeking out new ways to increase profits and reduce operating costs. AccessDiscounts has long been a supporter of businesses of all kinds; the company offers quantity discounts on large orders, in addition to free or discounted shipping. All orders over $999 receive 5% off, and free shipping is applied to orders of $1499 or more.

AccessDiscounts also strives to help businesses achieve lower operating costs by offering the best in energy-efficient lighting solutions. According to the U.S. Government’s Energy Star website, lighting accounts for 25 to 50% of a business’ energy costs. It is estimated that even a 10% reduction in energy costs for an average full-time retail business can boost net profit margins by as much as 1.55%. The use of modern lighting technology not only ensures energy efficiency, but also improves employee productivity and increases retail sales. is a leading seller of compact fluorescent lamps, increasingly popular for both their exceptional efficiency and long life. A single CFL bulb will save an estimated $30 over the life of the bulb compared to a conventional incandescent. But CFLs can save business owners money in a number of ways beyond simple energy savings, from reduced heating costs due to less heat output, to lowered maintenance costs resulting from bulbs that don’t need frequent replacement.

Also in keeping with its commitment to helping businesses, invites owners and managers to take advantage of its first-rate customer service. The company’s lighting specialists are available by phone, free of charge to consult and offer recommendations to help business lower their bottom lines.

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