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NDS-Gear, A Leading Online Store In The Nintendo DS Card Adapter Market, Offers Special Discount Coupons

The premium online store for Nintendo DS gear opens with a new and attractive web design, as well as a hard-to-resist offer of 5% off DS cards purchased before June 31st. NDS-Gear is a well-founded online company with a good deal of experience in the selling of well-known cards for the DS game console designed by Nintendo.

Special discount codes can be found on NDS-Gear’s latest newsletter, which also provides interesting and highly-sought information about DS Adapters and how to exploit them for their full multimedia potential. The DS card market has seen rapid growth over the past year as homebrewed card technology evolved along with the well-known NDS.

Customers will be provided with a special code that can be entered at the moment of purchase for an additional discount that will save them money. In the past, NDS-Gear had applied similar marketing strategies in order to promote increased sales of their original cards including the r4, r4i, r4 sdhc, r4ds, and ez flash.

Cards are multi-purpose DS cartridges designed with an additional SD memory card slot on the back, allowing NDS users to store larger amounts of data without having to purchase a large number of regular cartridges. This system allows NDS users to play back-up copies of their favourite games, browse the Internet, and even watch movies from the convenience of a single cartridge with more memory.

In addition to these attractive offers, NDS-Gear has also significantly lowered the price of the hot-selling iEDGE DS card, which has experienced large sales after the Chinese New Year.

With the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS gaming/multimedia console (apparently compatible with regular DS card models), NDS-Gear have stepped into the exploding market with a new 5% off discount code. Customers that enter the code “newsite05” will receive 5% off any products that are purchased before June 31st.

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