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Campaigning Politicians Inspire Businesses to Invest In Their Own Display Advertising Strategy

UK Point of Sale (UK POS) has recently reviewed the election campaigns of all three major political parties to discover whether any lessons can be learnt from the politicians when it comes to businesses increasing their visibility and marketing in the real world.

Campaigning Politicians Inspire Businesses to Invest In Their Own Display Advertising Strategy

UK POS provides many point of sale accessories such as pavement signs and snap frames that can help improve customers’ experience when inside the shop but there have been a few parallels with the focus on the UK General Elections and how a lot of the marketing strategies could help boost UK businesses to win the public’s vote when deciding where to do their shopping.

Posters are a tried and tested method of advertising businesses but one key point of sale accessory is the suggestion box, something not unlike the ballot boxes that the whole of the country will be visiting to vote for their chosen party in May.

Debra Jamieson, marketing and sales director for UK POS commented: “It may be a New Year which generally means a new start, but as retailers face the same threat of low consumer spending in 2010, it would seem that customer influence and demand will make a bigger impact than it has in previous, more financially buoyant years. Generally consumers have stripped back their spending habits so it’s important to know what they want from their shopping experience and retailers will be expected to do act on the feedback generated.”

Some businesses during the recession may have cut back on display advertising but much like in the political arena businesses and stores need to show they have a plan to recover and generate money/sales. The strategic use of suggestion boxes whether they are placed in store or used as a part of a prize giveaway for an added incentive can give the business a key insight into what the consumers think of the layout and range of products as well as the customer service and overall experience of shopping at that particular store.

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