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Sleep Green with E-bed’s Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

Going green isn’t just about recycling or buying a hybrid car. Consumers who truly embrace the green lifestyle extend its philosophy to as many areas of their lives as possible. They have one more area in which they can go green now, with the introduction of the E-bed eco-friendly memory foam mattress line. There are two collections in the line: PUR and White Diamond, and each feature an eco-friendly version of E-bed’s popular CoolTemp visco-elastic memory foam mattress. When consumers find themselves comparison-shopping between E-bed and TempurPedic, the eco-friendly line gives them yet another reason to choose E-bed over TempurPedic and discount TempurPedic mattresses.

The E-bed eco-friendly line replaces a significant amount of the petroleum-based materials traditionally used in mattresses with plant-based, renewable raw materials.

“Our virtually emission-free manufacturing process creates significantly higher-quality visco-elastic memory foam material,” Vincent Simmons, president of E-bed Luxury Mattress, Inc., said upon the release of the eco-friendly memory foam mattress line. “The resulting product provides consistent comfort and support, and we can all rest easy knowing these beds are easier on the earth than their predecessors.”

The raw materials used are free of insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. This helps to preserve agricultural systems, replenish soil fertility and promote cleaner air and water. It also makes the memory foam mattress a healthier choice for those with allergies.

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