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CQout Announces Special Deal For Newly Registered Sellers

CQout has announced that it is targeting disaffected Chinese Sellers following unpopular eBay rules changes.

CQout Announces Special Deal For Newly Registered Sellers

In the wake of a raft of changes announced by eBay to its Marketplaces business, and a subsequent feeling of dissatisfaction amongst many of its Sellers at new fees and the new eBay Buyer Protection Plan, CQout has announced that it has these eBay refugees set firmly in its sights.

Siamak Bashi, managing director of CQout, commented: “CQout is aware that many Sellers, and those from China in particular operate at very competitive prices and narrow margins. The price changes at eBay hits those Sellers the hardest, wiping out any meager profits they are making, resulting in some Sellers giving up all together. CQout’s lower fee structure and free listings gives these Sellers a real alternative”.

CQout believes that because Sellers make a huge investment in terms of their time and effort to list a big inventory onto an online auction site, they also need the stability of knowing that the site will not be making policy and prices changes which would make their business unsustainable. The continuous alterations which eBay has made in recent months has lead to huge dissatisfaction amongst many of its Sellers, especially within the Chinese market and provided the ideal opportunity for CQout to highlight that eBay is not the only game in town.

With a track record of not making any changes to its fees over the last five years and a solid history of providing continuity and certainty for sellers who need to plan log term, CQout is in the perfect position to appeal to these disaffected eBay Marketplace customers.

To further entice new customers to add their inventories onto CQout’s listings and take advantage of the various sales opportunities it provides like its Consumer Electronics Auctions, Photographic Equipment, Computer Auctions and Music Auctions, CQout is also offering a new joining bonus for Sellers. As a gesture of good CQout has announced it is offering a cash incentive of £20 credited to all new Sellers’ accounts which are registered during June and who list their entire inventory with the auction service.

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