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Celerant Technology Named Microsoft Certified Partner

Celerant Technology, a leader in the retail software industry, was recently named a 2010/2011 Microsoft Certified Partner for the Mid Market Provider Competency. The title of Microsoft Certified Partner is given to companies that demonstrate a proficiency in Microsoft products and deliver a great service to their client base. Celerant has received the competency for Networking Infrastructure since 2001, which has now been changed to the Mid Market Provider Competency.

Celerant Technology Named Microsoft Certified Partner

“Every year we are proud to continue our certified partnership with Microsoft,” stated Ian Goldman, Celerant President and CEO. “This year we received certification for the Mid Market Provider Competency, a retail demographic that we place a strong focus on. As a small to mid-sized point of sale solution, Command Retail provides advanced technology for all areas of a retail business, whether the retailer is a single store, larger chain, or multi-channel operation. In order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, our team of support specialists is well versed in the software and applications that help to ensure the success of our clients’ daily procedures. The Celerant retail system deploys with Microsoft SQL Server in many cases, as well as other Microsoft and Windows based applications that are used by our staff and customers, enabling us to more efficiently deliver Celerant products and services.”

According to the Microsoft Partner Program, “when you attain the Medium Business Solution Provider competency, you showcase your expertise in providing solutions to midsize business by offering the most current technology and IT solutions knowledge that helps midsize businesses with their unique challenges.”

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