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Ernest Jones Announces Online Launch Of Daisy Stack Ring Collection

Ernest Jones, the diamond and watch specialist has announced the launch of Daisy stack rings online and in stores nationwide.

The Daisy stack ring collection at Ernest Jones offers consumers a fresh new angle on customisable jewellery and the opportunity to express their creativity. The sterling silver rings are available in a variety of designs, and fit together perfectly in any order. This allows complete freedom for consumers to express themselves by mixing and matching different rings together to suit their tastes.

Ernest Jones Announces Online Launch Of Daisy Stack Ring CollectionAs with the current fashion for self designed bead and charm bracelets and necklaces, the Daisy collection offers high quality, fashionable design with fun and colourful jewellery for consumers to make their own fashion statements.

Daisy takes its inspiration from nature and features a range of sterling silver rings crafted into flowers and natural organic shapes and textures. Distinctly English, and with designs that will appeal to all ages, Daisy features over 150 different rings, allowing Ernest Jones customers to mix and match their look and be in control of their own style. The collection features Daisy flower designs, bees, crystals, frog princes, petals, floral designs, rope rings and bright colours to guarantee variety and choice for customers wishing to build a collection of their own.

By launching the Daisy jewellery brand, Ernest Jones is expanding its range of customisable jewellery, which previously had involved promoting bead and charm brands. The introduction of Daisy widens the Ernest Jones customisable offering to include rings, allowing the high street jeweller to develop even further the opportunities offered by customisable jewellery and gives the consumer a greater choice when shopping.

Daisy stack rings and other customisable jewellery brands also offer great value for money. Each ring is very competitively priced and the versatility of the collection allows for consumers to get greater value from their purchase as they can vary and mix the style of their rings.

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