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Foxtail Keychain Fur Tails In All Colors! Now Out On DOLLSKILL.COM

Dolls Kill designer Shoddy Lynn ( is a busy girl. She dj’s dance music to the masses around the globe, while also spending endless hours in studios producing dance music that’s played for thousands of raving kids. Somewhere in there, she also makes time for her own fantastic accessory line, DOLLS KILL.

Online shop: Dolls showcases a collection of handpicked designers and original designs. These hard to find pieces and designers are handpicked by their iconic elements and “uniform worthy” style by Miss Shoddy Lynn.

This seasons Dolls Kill collection focuses on the popular fur foxtail fashion. We are sure you’ve seen these tails, from Paris to Los Angeles, hanging on purses, belt loops, backpacks and key chains, just about anywhere that needs a little high fashion treatment. Most notably the foxtail fashion has been spotted on Posh Spice and Kayne West. Remember that big furry Kool Aid colored fluff on Victoria Beckham’s handbag she was seen carrying around LAX? That was a Candy Apple Double Dipped, SO POSH Foxtail: as seen here:

Bright, surprising, refreshing and oh so crave worthy fur fashion accessories that give you some Davy Crocket flare just about anywhere you clip them. The kids want color! They got it:

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