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FotoLum Provides Glowing Materials For Luminocity’s Ground-Breaking Atlanta “Hinterland” Performance

Atlanta’s Woodruff Park ignited with an amazing display of light, dance and unique creativity Saturday night, November 27th as Luminocity and gloATL presented a performance unlike any ever seen downtown.

Costumed dancers, athletes and performers amazed the crowd with dramatic routines, interwoven with spectacular lighting effects.

Contributing to the display, Fotolum, a locally based leader in photo luminescent “glow-in-the-dark” products, donated materials for four key characters. They were the “GloBug” drummers featured prominently on the tall parade float and also drumming enthusiastically in the street.

At the core of the actors’ glowing costumes lies a story that began after the events of 9.11. Tim LeMaster is Fotolum’s innovation leader. Upon hearing that many lives were saved by rudimentary photo luminescent markings in the stairwells of the twin towers, he set out to refine the “glow-in-the-dark” capabilities of photo luminescent materials.

The process LeMaster refined over the following eight years resulted in the highest quality photo luminescent performance metrics to date. The Hinterland drummer’s costumes’ vinyl components glow brighter and longer than anything available in the market.

The inspiration for the costumes was a nightclub jacket that was created by Lori Wood, the wife of Fotolum’s marketing director, Brian Wood. The flamboyant creation captured the attention of many entertainers world-wide but remains a one-of-a-kind and not for sale.

Tim LeMaster, not satisfied with creating just the best and the brightest photo luminescent products recently went a step further and engineered a Phthalates-free version. Phthalates are used to soften vinyl but have been connected in some studies to health problems in children. LeMaster’s formula removes those dangers without compromising the intensity or duration of the vinyl glow.

The photo luminescent vinyl recharges over and over from any natural or artificial light source without losing any illumination performance.

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