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Online Coupons From Coupon Chief Offer Easy Savings Plus Earnings is a progressive leader in the industry of online coupons. This company has found a way to combine consumer money saving opportunities and strategies with innovative ways to earn money. Not surprisingly, this unique combination has resulted in tremendous growth in the popularity of the website. The failing economy has forced many people to struggle with financial difficulties. Companies that empathize with this fate are quickly gaining support from consumers.

Coupon Chief not only has found ways to offer great savings to typical consumers, but additionally, consumers can actually help others while saving money. Through the efforts of and its loyal customers donations to thousands of charitable causes continues to grow.

The ‘Coupons-4-Causes’ program allows participants to choose from thousands of charitable causes to support. With every purchase the member makes at one of the participating retail partners, money is earned for that selected charity, school or church. The program is simple and effective. Participants appreciate the fact that they save and earn at the same time, and in this case, they are earning for others.

The other popular program offered by Coupon Chief is ‘Pays-2-Share’. This program allows participants to submit any coupon codes for participating merchants they may find. The benefit is, each time the coupon is used the person that submitted the code earns a percentage of the purchase price. In effect, the participant is helping others save money while earning money for herself. is a simple, user-friendly site that is easy to navigate. It is well organized and finding coupons for any particular need is quick and easy. The search function allows for searches according to categories, stores, or even by specific items. Using online coupons is as simple as adding a code to the ‘promo code box’ or whatever space is provided for ‘coupon codes’ during the check out process when making a purchase.

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