Topshop Announces New Make-up Collection for Spring and Summer

Topshop has announced the launch of its new make-up collection for SS11. Sandstorm is a capsule trend collection which will capture warm tones and neon colours.

With a palette of sorbet tones and sultry hues, Sandstorm contrasts metallic finishes with sun-bleached neons to create a versatile collection. Sandstorm captures a form of self-expression that embodies the spirit of Festival dressing. The capsule collection is a crossover of versatile products and formulas that blend and build from dusk until dawn.

Matte rose-flushed packaging with metallic flecks references sunbeams that gleam over compacts, palettes and lipstick casings. The hand-drawn sketches on the outer casing depict a desert-scape, mirroring the make-up encased within.

Lizzie Dawson, senior designer at Topshop said “Heavily influenced by the colourful and spiritual Burning Man festival based in the Nevada desert, I was very much inspired by the eclectic mix of sun-bleached neons and tarnished, dusty metallics that create the landscape of the festival. I wanted this to translate into a unique and experimental mini spin-off trend range for the make-up collection, one that embodied the essence of SS11. The end result is a collection of one-off formulas in contrasting colours and textures that encapsulate the experimental, festival vibe.”

The Sandstorm collection includes a Cheek Duo which features a two-tone palette that intertwines a sorbet flush with bronze highlights. The Cheek Duo is designed to create a subtle glow to contrast and compliment against the metallic pigments of both eyes and nails.

The collection also features Metallic Mousse Eye-shadow, Eye Duo, Eye Crayon, Liner, Lips, Gloss Stick, Nail Duo and Nails. In line with the new make-up collection launch, Topshop has created two online tutorials which will help create bespoke looks with the Sandstorm products. The ‘Grunge Rock’ look fuses smudged, smoky eyes with colour-pop lips to create a daringly different look. To get the Grunge Rock effect, use Kohl in ‘Dragonfly’ and ‘Pewter’ and Crayon in ‘Plum’ for the eyes, coupled with ‘Hazard’ for the lips.

The second tutorial focuses on creating the ‘Tribal Warrior’ look, perfect for summer festivals. Face art crayon in ‘Zephyr’ is used, along with ‘Desert Sun’ bronzer, lip creme in‘Daze’ and ‘Meteoric’ eye shadow.

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Workwear for all the weather – from Brookes

There were glimpses of what was to come but for the time being it is looking as though we will have to wait for a sustained period of spring weather. Working outside amidst such mixed weather could be classed as problematic, though thankfully because of online retailer extensive range of quality workwear, the problem is made a little bit easier to solve.

Currently retailing in their 11th year, specialises in quality and durable workwear which is also affordable. Established brands such as the likes of Carhartt, Dickies, and Fruit of the Loom are stocked in varieties and styles to match the any climate.

“It can be a confusing time of year for the workwear wardrobe,” says Ian Brookes, founder of

“This week has been a classic example, as workers shunned coats and overalls for attire more suited to spring such as polo shirts and t shirts. But the very next day workers were reaching for their bodywarmers again. It really does pay to keep covered during this mixed month, that’s for sure.”

Brookes prides itself on being able to offer brands at a considerably lower price than competitors, thanks to their wholesale pricing structure.

“It’s satisfying from our point of view that we are saving people money. It’s a system which really does work for everyone. And with the weather being so inconsistent thus perhaps people are having to spend more, its great they can do all their shopping in one place,” continued Brookes.

It is not just shopping either, but clothing personalisation can also be done on the site through an easy-to-follow service.
“It’s the perfect add-on and available on nearly all of our stock.”

“It portrays a polished and professional look and compliments the fine workwear attire we sell perfectly. From just £1.10 per logo it is a steal,” said Brookes.

Brookes are a UK based supplier of discounted workwear clothing, offering an extensive range of quality and durable garments to suit any working environment and at unbeatable discounted prices. Brookes provide a range of Hi Vis and personalised clothing which are ideal for workforces and teams, from established brands such as Dickies, Regatta, Fruit of the Loom, and Carhartt.

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