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High Tax Payers Are Taking Advantage Of Discount Vouchers To Make Up For Lost Earnings, the top site for discounts in the UK recently reported that big money earners are saving cash by using discount vouchers. The site said that visitors were at an all time high last month with over two million shoppers logging on. Around 61% of these came from high income groups.

The data was released came just as the BBC* revealed that results of its latest research shows that 1.6 per cent of UK households are suffering a loss of income after tax deductions compared with earnings in 2008. The loss amounts to as much as£365 each year. Higher earners are being hit even harder because of lower interest, tax hikes and a loss of benefits, making them worse off by about 3.8% (£2230).

Simon Terry, director of, says: “Money saving vouchers have always been popular with low earners but now the savvy rich earners are using them to make savings elsewhere to compensate for recent Government tax increased, rising prices and lower interest rates.”

“A huge array of retailers, from supermarkets to restaurants and travel companies are offering discounts and at a time when shoppers are losing a large portion of income right across the earning brackets, it couldn’t come at a better time.”

Massive savings from 10% to 50% and up are being offered by huge names like Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser, Tesco,, Boden and Pizza Express. is Britain’s favourite when it comes to money saving websites, offering customers in excess of 4,000 live deals from over 800 different names each day.

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