Skip to content Skip to sidebar Skip to footer Offers a Variety of Men’s Wedding Rings for Under $100, a premier online retailer of men’s jewelry, titanium rings, and mens wedding bands, offers customers a selection of great looking, uniquely styled wedding rings that cost less than most comparable gold and platinum wedding band options. Not only do the titanium, tungsten and palladium wedding bands at allow customers an alternative to the typical “gold and silver” option that tends to dominate the wedding industry, but it also allows them to find options that start at under $50.

“When you are dealing with putting together a wedding it seems like everything costs you an arm and a leg,” says Ron Yates, founder of “The reason for this is simple: when you are putting on a ceremony and reception for dozens, if not hundreds, of people you are going to see some pretty high numbers at the bottom of your receipts. With that said, though, not everything related to your wedding has to cost you a lot. At you can get men’s wedding bands for well under $100. And these aren’t bargain-basement “cast-off” rings either,these are high quality, great looking rings that you’ll be proud to show off for decades to come. Just because something is supposed to be expensive doesn’t mean that it has to be. Before you go anywhere else for palladium, platinum and tungsten men’s wedding rings check out’s selection to find something you are sure to love.” has dozens of men’s wedding bands in stock for varying tastes and price ranges. For those looking for something in the traditional realm, customers can get titanium, platinum, and tungsten rings which feature faceted, grooved, raised center or flat designs. For those looking for something a bit more complex, offers the same rings mixed with colored gold, silver or even inlaid with metallic rope or precious gems. You can find a full listing of men’s wedding bands at

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