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Voucher codes specialist announces results of latest site user survey on love and money

UK citizens often think of themselves as pretty romantic and the latest poll conducted by voucher code website shows that people still won’t allow money to be a barrier to love and relationships.

Almost 40% of people polled reported that they consider there is “no price on love” when polled about their opinion on how much to pay for an engagement ring. 11% of respondents still maintain that men should pay twice their monthly wage for an engagement ring and the poll showed that a further 30% are prepared to spend up to £500 on the token of love.

When it comes to making a first impression on a potential partner, 75% are happy to go shopping for a new outfit in advance of a first date. The poll also showed that 65% are happy to split a restaurant bill in half and in a bid to appear in control of oneself, 67% would not choose the most expensive dish or item on a menu – even if it might be their favourite food.

In the early stages of a new relationship – the first three months – 57% admit to being taken out to dinner by a new partner while 46% received gifts of flowers. One quarter of people said they had been bought jewellery as a gift by new partners and 20% get spoiled with a luxury weekend away. Just 5% of respondents said that their new other half bought them some new lingerie.

Further on in relationships, the poll revealed that almost a quarter would ditch a partner if they believed they were stingy with money. However on the flip side there were 37% who felt parsimony wasn’t a factor in their relationship – while the same amount would not break up with a partner even if they came to think that they were somewhat stingy.

The poll also showed new relationships are a pricey business, with 42% prepared to think about an overdraft to make an impression on a new partner.

When it comes to the next stage after an engagement, a huge 94% of people surveyed said that they did not believe the family of the bride need pay all the wedding bills.

Doug Scott, managing director of, comments: “Our latest poll of site users does reveal that many Brits remain as romantic as ever. Starting out in a new relationship is certainly a pricey business, but we can help people to save money on many things to reduce the costs of courting a new love.”

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