Voucher codes specialist announces results of latest site user survey on love and money

UK citizens often think of themselves as pretty romantic and the latest poll conducted by voucher code website DiscountVouchers.co.uk shows that people still won’t allow money to be a barrier to love and relationships.

Almost 40% of people polled reported that they consider there is “no price on love” when polled about their opinion on how much to pay for an engagement ring. 11% of respondents still maintain that men should pay twice their monthly wage for an engagement ring and the poll showed that a further 30% are prepared to spend up to £500 on the token of love.

When it comes to making a first impression on a potential partner, 75% are happy to go shopping for a new outfit in advance of a first date. The poll also showed that 65% are happy to split a restaurant bill in half and in a bid to appear in control of oneself, 67% would not choose the most expensive dish or item on a menu – even if it might be their favourite food.

In the early stages of a new relationship – the first three months – 57% admit to being taken out to dinner by a new partner while 46% received gifts of flowers. One quarter of people said they had been bought jewellery as a gift by new partners and 20% get spoiled with a luxury weekend away. Just 5% of respondents said that their new other half bought them some new lingerie.

Further on in relationships, the DiscountVouchers.co.uk poll revealed that almost a quarter would ditch a partner if they believed they were stingy with money. However on the flip side there were 37% who felt parsimony wasn’t a factor in their relationship – while the same amount would not break up with a partner even if they came to think that they were somewhat stingy.

The poll also showed new relationships are a pricey business, with 42% prepared to think about an overdraft to make an impression on a new partner.

When it comes to the next stage after an engagement, a huge 94% of people surveyed said that they did not believe the family of the bride need pay all the wedding bills.

Doug Scott, managing director of DiscountVouchers.co.uk, comments: “Our latest poll of site users does reveal that many Brits remain as romantic as ever. Starting out in a new relationship is certainly a pricey business, but we can help people to save money on many things to reduce the costs of courting a new love.”

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I&K International Limited Launches New Luxury Hair Extensions Product Brand, VL

I&K International Limited, one of UK’s leading hair extensions suppliers, has announced the launch of a new luxury hair extensions product brand – VL (Volume & Length).

All VL human hair products are made of selected natural human hair. The VL hair extension range covers all kind of hair extensions including luxury clip-in hair extensions, salon glue-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions. All these products can be found at its online store, www.hairtrade.com.

VL tape-in hair extensions come with 10 pieces of 8cm wide strips of hair with special tape on them and take minutes to put on. The tape of VL Tape in hair extensions lasts 4-6 weeks, but the hair strips can be reused and attached again with new tape.

Jonathan Bloomfield, senior hairdresser and manager of Ivan Keven Salon commented: “Tape in hair extensions are one of easiest ways to apply long lasting hair extensions. Our stylists normally spend 3-4 hours to apply full head hair extensions using the glue in method. Tape in hair extensions save lots of time and has become more and more popular since it was invented.”

As well as the tape-in hair extensions, hairtrade.com offers a full range of hair and beauty products including electrical items (including hair straighteners nail care, eye accessories, jewellery and face and body products. It also offers a range of products for men including skin care and self-tanning items and fragrances.

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co-operative Xest Says Essential Regular Exercise Is Accessible To All

Following a recent report by health experts stating that even just 15 minutes of exercise a day can significantly improve your wellbeing and life expectancy, co-operative Xest has spoken out to remind people that exercise is possible for people of all abilities and ages.

The results of research published by medical journal The Lancet, which reviewed the activities, behaviours and health of more than 400,000 people in Taiwan, revealed that 90 minutes of moderate exercise per week can help people to live for three years longer.

Similar data in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine hinted that a lazy lifestyle, including six hours a day sitting motionless in front of the television, can reduce life expectancy by five years.

It is therefore important for people to incorporate exercise into their daily routine wherever and whenever possible – even if it is during that time spent watching television. It is especially vital that those with limited mobility take note of this, as such exercises can also improve problems with circulation and related conditions.

co-operative Xest Managing Director, Andrea Dipple said: “There are numerous exercises that can be done while sitting down, using equipment such as a Seated Pedal Exerciser. This allows the user to secure their feet into pedals and rotate in a cycling action, with variable resistance. Minimal assembly is required and it is easy to move around into convenient places.

“For those at risk or suffering from circulation problems, we recommend the Deep Vein Thrombosis Airogym Exerciser, which has a simple design created by an airline captain for use during long flights. It consists of two air compartments which can be inflated orally and can be used to exercise the calf muscles.”

According to updated advice offered by the UK government, a couple of 10-minute sessions of this kind of activity per day – or a 30-minute session on five days each week – could have a very positive impact on a person’s health. It may also gradually encourage them to be more daring with their exercise regime and build it up as they become stronger.

co-operative Xest also supplies shower seats for those with mobility difficulties, alongside a wide range of other products designed for people who want to make their everyday lives easier.

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Hairtrade To Offer 50% Off I&K Instant Clip-In Human Hair Extensions

Hairtrade, the number one hair extensions online store in the UK, has announced it is to offer a 50% discount on I&K Instant Clip-in Human Hair extensions, with a choice of 20 colours available.

I&K Instant Clip-in Human hair extensions are made of 100% High Quality Remy Human hair. It contains enough hair to easily cover a full head. For customers who do not want to spend a lot of time to clip in several hair pieces one by one, Hairtrade offers this easy to use full hair set which will allow ladies to add a truly significant amount of hair extensions into their hair in seconds.

Keven Kou, Managing Director of I&K International Limited commented: “We only use the best quality natural human hair to make I&K Instant Human Hair extensions. These hair extensions are easy to attach and are designed to be worn every day. I&K Instant clip in human hair extensions offer versatility to transform your image within seconds.”

Seven special metal clips are attached around the top of each hair set and once they are clipped in, they never fall off. The hair set is already styled and layered with nature body weave, adding volume and length at the same time. With the company’s exclusive color blends, there is always a perfect color to match virtually any lady. The hair set comes complete with a deluxe packaging and is perfect for storage.

The offer ends on 15th of Sep 2011.

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