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Simone and Son Expands Customization Options with the Lovemark

Simone and Son, premier jewelry manufacturer in Huntington Beach, California, who specializes in custom jewelry, is announcing a brand new line, LoveMark. The LoveMark jewelry line allows customers to have their fingerprint or loved ones fingerprint added to a piece of jewelry. Imagine giving or receiving a piece as special as this.

Personalized fingerprint jewelry is the newest line in customization created by Simone & Son, leading manufacturer of engagement rings in Orange County. This is a very special way to keep thoughts of a loved one close by when they are not. Love mark jewelry is made using an imprint of a finger or thumb from a special person such as a spouse or significant other, son or daughter. LoveMark jewelry will hold the thoughts of a loved one close by. Examples of pieces where this technology can be used are with a child’s print on a parent’s gift, personalized on a wedding band or engagement ring or in memorial to a lost loved one. Special LoveMark creations include, pendants in heart, round and other shapes, wedding bands with a thumb print around the outside, and crosses.

By utilizing the advancement in technology and computer aid, there are virtually no limitations on the exquisite works that the jewelers at Simone & Son can accomplish. By integrating modern prototyping technology models are able to be created in fine detail at a faster pace. With many years of cultivated craftsmanship and skill customers can ensure of receiving nothing but the highest quality work. Through the long passed down family tradition of making jewelry since 1945, customers can rely on the family presence and skill when choosing to customize their engagement ring. Choose Simone & Son when searching for engagement rings in Orange County.

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