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AllSaints Spitalfields Continue Their Widely Acclaimed Basement Sessions

AllSaints Spitalfields continue their close affiliation with the music industry with their latest release for the widely acclaimed Basement Sessions.

Having always held a close affiliation with music, AllSaints’ ever growing Basement Sessions have gone from strength to strength since their 2011 inception. From the outset, AllSaints had a long standing history of collaborating with and supporting various musical talents, however the decision to establish Basement Sessions has allowed the fashion brand to build even closer relationships with emerging artists, pioneers and bastions within the industry.

To anyone who has already viewed a Basement Sessions presentation, it’s evident to see that all of the selected acts and artists echo the brand’s identity, style, store playlists and musical heritage. When it comes to selecting artists and acts for the Basement Sessions, AllSaints don’t always select the most mainstream acts on the scene, but instead they develop personal relationships with all artists involved and thus walk their own path.

All genres, from post punk to electronica and beyond are covered and supported by beautiful cinematic style and programming that provides users with both captivating visuals and pleasing audio. It is this attention to detail that makes Basement Sessions what it is and you only have to look at the latest release from DJ Harvey and the High Highs in order to recognise the quality of this creative cultural platform.

Viewed as one of the world’s most famous cult DJs, and producer of deep esoteric dance floor music, AllSaints Basement Sessions first travels to Mophonics Studio in Venice Beach, California to meet with DJ Harvey to discuss everything from his formative years to his era-defining club nights. This interview can be viewed in full on

Following on from the interview, the Basement Sessions then returns to their E1 London design studios with Jack Milas, Oli Chang and Zachary Lipkins of the High Highs to perform back to back tracks from their self-titled debut EP ‘High Highs’. Signed to Rocket Records, the group can be seen to bring a fresh electronic atmosphere to the basement sessions.

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