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Glowing Nerf Darts

Glowing Products developer, Tim LeMaster has developed a method to make your own glow in the dark Nerf darts with GP’s high-glow, long-glowing custom vinyl. The vinyl can be found at the main web site:

The actual idea was suggested by Tim’s 2 nd cousins,­ Alexander, Adam and Major, one day when he was visiting their home. LeMaster’s response was “well let’s just see what we can do”. As it turns out the little project turned out to be very cool. The Nerf dart material is not conducive to accepting the standard 3M industrial adhesive which normally backs the vinyl. But in process of developing a solution, LeMaster discovered that traditional Super Glue® did the trick.

Glowing Products does not provide the Super Glue because it should be handled with adult supervision to attach the glow vinyl to the tips of the darts. A happy unexpected result during the development process is that the slight increased weight of the vinyl on the end of the darts enhanced its accuracy and distance.

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