Make Your Own Nike Or Adidas Glow In The Dark Shoes

Do you like the new Nike Jordan glow in the dark or the Adidas Campus 80 GID, but you want something more original, more to your style and creativity?

Glowing Products has just released their newest development. Make your own, customized glow-in-the-dark shoes. Design any shoe with screaming glow all night long, glow-in-the-dark, heavy-duty, phthalates-free adhesive vinyl from Glowing Products.

You might like the Adidas JS Wings or the Nike Air Yeezy and Nike Dunk, but can’t swallow the high price. Glowing Products product line is known worldwide for its unique products, utilizing high-glow and long-glow photo luminescent properties, created and promoted by Tim LeMaster and Brian Wood.

GP is offering sheets of their vinyl with a 3M® doubled-backed industrial adhesive for you to design and create your own shoes — shoes that will blow away any other glow-in-the-dark.

Want to make it even cooler? GP can add 3M light-reflective to the vinyl, so not only will your shoes glow in the dark, they’ll be light reflective too! Customize any brand of shoe to make them your own your own – GP vinyl is perfect for that. Why pay upwards of $225.00 for Nike or Adidas when you can have something even cooler? You can turn that old pair of favorite shoes into a hot new screaming glow shoes.

Visit for more information.

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Free CFL Bulbs with the Purchase of 4 After-Lite CECs!

Glowing Products is offering a limited-time special offer – Purchase a 4-pak of their popular Patented After-Lite Crystal Energy Cells and get 4 compact fluorescent light bulbs free!*

Glowing Products’ CECs are a popular accessory to CFL’s especially in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. They absorb light from the bulb while it is on, and release a soft glow for hours after the bulb is turned off allowing safe negotiation of the room without turning the lights back on. And in a power outage, this feature is proven to be a lifesaver.

An additional benefit for not having to turn the lights back on is the energy saved over time. GP CECs recharge over and over and are guaranteed to do so for over 10 years. They can be moved to a new CFL bulb when the former one expires.

Visit or for more information.

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Energy-Free Pathway Marker (EFM)

Glowing Products is releasing its newest product to the consumer. The aluminum based units were developed, tested and are in use by U.S. Industry. The EFM’s have been acid-tested in 21% sulfuric acid bath at 150°F without any degradation. They can also withstand being driven over daily by heavy equipment when installed on a flat surface.

The emergency energy-free pathway markers are a 2” x 4” aluminum base utilizing high-grade photo luminescent crystals to provide a lighted pathway, which is long-lasting, high in durability, and maintenance-free. Attach the EFM’s to most any surface permanently with the use of industrial adhesives. They can be placed flat or attached to a wall. The EFM’s are a very economical way to provide safety for employees or just around the home or small business.

EFM’s require no power as they absorb daylight even on cloudy days. They will perform even in low-lighted areas including shade. EFM’s are an economical and environmentally sound way to provide a lighted path for years to come with no additional cost once installed. Since there is no electrical wiring or bulbs, no further action is required in the future. The EFM can be purchased at:

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Glowing Nerf Darts

Glowing Products developer, Tim LeMaster has developed a method to make your own glow in the dark Nerf darts with GP’s high-glow, long-glowing custom vinyl. The vinyl can be found at the main web site:

The actual idea was suggested by Tim’s 2 nd cousins,­ Alexander, Adam and Major, one day when he was visiting their home. LeMaster’s response was “well let’s just see what we can do”. As it turns out the little project turned out to be very cool. The Nerf dart material is not conducive to accepting the standard 3M industrial adhesive which normally backs the vinyl. But in process of developing a solution, LeMaster discovered that traditional Super Glue® did the trick.

Glowing Products does not provide the Super Glue because it should be handled with adult supervision to attach the glow vinyl to the tips of the darts. A happy unexpected result during the development process is that the slight increased weight of the vinyl on the end of the darts enhanced its accuracy and distance.

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Nite Bike Brite

Garrison Kentucky: In response to market request for a compelling Nite Bike concept, Tim LeMaster has developed a cost effective method with his proprietary glow in the dark vinyl. The G.I.D. vinyl strips are available from the Atlanta, GA facility by going to

Glowing Products glow-in-the-dark vinyl has proven to last for years. The highly durable and long lasting vinyl is the same Fotolum materials provided to fireman for their fire equipment. The Nite Bike Brite G.I.D. vinyl is easily applied by just removing the protective film from the 3M industrial-grade adhesive backing and applying to the bike in individual customized designs. The material is charged by exposure to both natural and artificial light.

This material reportedly by customers is the brightest and longest lasting glow vinyl in the world. Glowing Products can apply 3M light-reflective materials to the vinyl providing superior safety for a biker as well as a very cool glow which lasts for hours.

The pricing depends upon how much the bike is customized. GID vinyl comes in sheets and also strips. The company continues to create innovative products specializing in very high grades of photo luminescence products including the U.S. patented After-Lite crystal energy cell at

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Photo Luminescent G.I.D. Glass and Clay Bricks

Garrison Kentucky: Glowing Products has completed development of glow-in-the-dark walkway pavers and wall glass bricks. In addition to the glass bricks they have developed glow-in-the-dark (G.I.D.) clay bricks for energy free pathway lighting. They can be used in new construction or retro fitted to existing walkways or walls. These products are part of the U.S. patented After-Lite product line. After-Lite can be viewed at and products are made in the U.S.A.

The inventor, Tim LeMaster, has over 18 years experience in the development of novelty and safety applications utilizing glow-in-the-dark crystals in addition to a 30 year career developing advanced technologies in many other fields.

Glowing Products is known worldwide for developing unique, unusually high performance safety and novelty products utilizing glow-in-the-dark crystals. These products include the 3M Glo Mega hard hat, high performance non-slip glow products utilizing recycled windshield glass, G.I.D. vinyl, Fotolum-brand fire safety products, iPhone 4 antenna fix, photo luminescent signage.

The glass and clay bricks have been developed to provide energy-free, lighted pathway without running of electrical wiring or the need to use light bulbs or LED lights, providing a lighted pathway or lighted wall all night long. The glow will last at least 20 years and glass or clay bricks will last its normal life. The lighted clay bricks can be made non-slip combined with high-grade photo luminescent crystals for extreme safety applications. More products can be seen on

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