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Emphasise The Natural Beauty Of Your Eyes With Eyesbright

Eyesbright, a popular contact lens retailer has revealed that they can help customers emphasise their natural eye colour with a pair of colour contacts.

Natural coloured contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular according to the online retailer as customers are continuing to search for innovative ways to brighten up their look. Although bright and bold colours and patterns remain a popular choice, Eyesbright customers are showing a strong preference for natural shades that compliment their natural beauty.

Rob Doole, Managing Director of Eyesbright has said that a shift in trends has been looming. “Over recent months we have discovered a gradual change in our customer’s preferences, with many wishing to change or highlight their natural eye colour with a new hue.

“Wearing a pair of contact lenses is a great way to enhance facial features and brighten the wearer’s appearance. Our collection of natural lenses boasts opaque tints that are constructed using many shades of one colour, offering customers a natural look. For a more distinct and dramatic change customers can also find enhancement tints.

“Natural brown contact lenses have been immensely popular along with vivid blue contact lenses and with St Patrick’s Day round the corner, we have also experienced a high demand for our vivid green contact lenses.”

There is an extensive collection of natural colour contacts available to Eyesbright customers including hazel, dark and light blue, variations of green shades and a wide selection of brown hues.

The care and proper storage of contact lenses has also been high on the Eyesbright customer’s shopping list as the Optifresh contact lens cleaning solution and free lens case has become one of the most popular items. This is excellent news for the online contact lens retailer as they have been continuously spreading the message about the proper use and care for contact lenses.

The contact lens storage case has also been a popular item in the shopping cart signalling that customers are becoming more aware of the importance of caring for coloured contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses should be cleaned and stored in contact lens solution when not being worn and kept safe in a storage case to ensure that dirt and bacteria doesn’t come into contact with the lenses. The care of coloured contacts is the same as prescription lenses and should be treated in the same manner. is a leading online coloured contact lens retailer who specialise in cosmetic eyewear. Whether people are searching for a coloured lens that will enhance their natural beauty or are searching for a drastic change, Eyesbright can cater to all requirements.

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