A New Fashion Trend Is Born: Coloured Contact Lenses

Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the celebrities who have recently experimented with coloured contact lenses. For the actresses these lenses have helped them get into character, but for Kim Kardashian her grey colour contact lenses have allowed her to discover a new side of her personality.

Fashion trends are created in two ways, by celebrities and by the designers themselves. Both desire the same outcome, to create something innovative and stylish and something that will be noticed and remembered. As time goes on and the years pass us by it can become challenging to continuously create something unique, which can be seen as the reason behind fashion becoming stranger and stranger, just look at Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Onlookers wouldn’t easily be able to mimic these singer’s signature styles, but they can take inspiration from it and experiment with Eyesbright coloured contacts that will offer a quirky and fashion forward look.

Eyesbright, a leading UK retailer of coloured contact lenses has seen the popularity of grey contact lenses grow since Kim Kardashian released images of herself wearing a pair. “We believe that the trend to follow celebrity fashion will only get bigger as celebrity culture continues to dominate news headlines, our television screens and the covers of our favourite magazines,” says Rob Doole, Managing Director of Eyesbright. “Our grey contact lenses have always been a popular choice with our customers, but as of late we have seen the popularity for them increase further. We put this down to Kim Kardashian posting images of herself wearing a pair of grey colour contact lenses.”

Twilight fanatics have also been going crazy for coloured contact lenses as images of Kristen Stewart wearing a pair of blood red colour contact lenses recently emerged. At Eyesbright colour contact lenses are their passion and since the Twilight Saga’s inception they have jumped onto the bandwagon creating a comprehensive collection of Twilight inspired colour contact lenses. Rob Doole continued, “Since we captured the first glimpse of Bella Swan the vampire we knew that our red colour contact lenses would be popular. We predict that this Halloween, costume lovers won’t be channelling their love for Edward or Alice’s vampirific look. Instead they will focus on getting the Bella Swan look down to perfection and we believe through our Twilight range that we can provide them with all the necessary tools to do so.”

With celebrities determining fashion trends it has been predicted that the popularity of Eyesbright colour contacts will rise.

Eyesbright is a leading UK retailer of coloured contact lenses and specialise in helping customers create certain celebrity looks and experiment with many different eye colours. Please note that these coloured contact lenses are cosmetic and will not correct any vision problems.

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Emphasise The Natural Beauty Of Your Eyes With Eyesbright

Eyesbright, a popular contact lens retailer has revealed that they can help customers emphasise their natural eye colour with a pair of colour contacts.

Natural coloured contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular according to the online retailer as customers are continuing to search for innovative ways to brighten up their look. Although bright and bold colours and patterns remain a popular choice, Eyesbright customers are showing a strong preference for natural shades that compliment their natural beauty.

Rob Doole, Managing Director of Eyesbright has said that a shift in trends has been looming. “Over recent months we have discovered a gradual change in our customer’s preferences, with many wishing to change or highlight their natural eye colour with a new hue.

“Wearing a pair of contact lenses is a great way to enhance facial features and brighten the wearer’s appearance. Our collection of natural lenses boasts opaque tints that are constructed using many shades of one colour, offering customers a natural look. For a more distinct and dramatic change customers can also find enhancement tints.

“Natural brown contact lenses have been immensely popular along with vivid blue contact lenses and with St Patrick’s Day round the corner, we have also experienced a high demand for our vivid green contact lenses.”

There is an extensive collection of natural colour contacts available to Eyesbright customers including hazel, dark and light blue, variations of green shades and a wide selection of brown hues.

The care and proper storage of contact lenses has also been high on the Eyesbright customer’s shopping list as the Optifresh contact lens cleaning solution and free lens case has become one of the most popular items. This is excellent news for the online contact lens retailer as they have been continuously spreading the message about the proper use and care for contact lenses.

The contact lens storage case has also been a popular item in the shopping cart signalling that customers are becoming more aware of the importance of caring for coloured contact lenses.

Coloured contact lenses should be cleaned and stored in contact lens solution when not being worn and kept safe in a storage case to ensure that dirt and bacteria doesn’t come into contact with the lenses. The care of coloured contacts is the same as prescription lenses and should be treated in the same manner.

http://www.eyesbright.com is a leading online coloured contact lens retailer who specialise in cosmetic eyewear. Whether people are searching for a coloured lens that will enhance their natural beauty or are searching for a drastic change, Eyesbright can cater to all requirements.

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New venture for popular contact lens supplier, Eyesbright

Eyesbright have built up a shining reputation for supplying fashion colour contact lenses for many years and now the company is set to embark on a new venture.

Eyesbright have just launched a new collection of prescription lenses that guides wearers to reputable suppliers. The collection has been broken down into brands to ensure customers can find what they’re searching for easily and conveniently.

Although Eyesbright do not currently hold any prescription lenses in stock, the contact lens supplier is happy to assist their customers find their ideal prescription lenses.

Managing Director of Eyesbright, Rob Doole commented: “We have had a lot of enquiries concerning prescription lenses and if the fashion lenses we stock are suitable. Due to this demand and the unfortunate matter that our plano lenses not being suitable for prescription wearers, we have begun a successful working relationship with suppliers, lending our customer with a helping hand when searching for their ideal contacts.”

The company has become a major player in the colour contact lens market and are now searching for new ways to bring their expertise to new customers. Sourcing the right corrective contact lenses can be quite a task for some people, especially when it comes to finding a pair that will suit a particular lifestyle.

Eyesbright are now guiding prescription contact lens wearers to a reputable supplier to ensure all products acquired are of equal quality to the coloured contact lenses that Eyesbright are so proud of stocking. Finding the suitable lens for certain prescriptions has become a concern for many people, especially for those who are new to contact lenses and are confused over the variety that may suit their lifestyle. At Eyesbright there is a full range of monthly disposable contacts, daily disposable lenses and even prescription lenses that can be worn over night.

There is also a specialised selection of lenses to choose from that can help correct problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia, short or long sightedness.

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Optical Express, The Number One Provider Of Laser Eye Surgery In The World, Has Launched A New Ecommerce Site To Help Streamline The Ordering Process Of Eye Care Products Such As Contact Lenses

The new site has been redesigned in order to integrate fully with the existing customer and product information available on the main Optical Express site, with the aim to fully enhance usability for consumers.

The site now includes a collection of contact lenses; from dailies and monthlies, to toric and varifocal lenses even extended wear lenses Optical Express has them all available online.

The site is home to many leading brand names such as Acuvue, Focus Dailies and Air Optix, with a wide range of standard and specialized lens types to suit everyone. Furthermore Optical Express can advise patients of the best contact lenses based on specific needs, always at competitive prices.

Help is at hand on the new site for those who wish to purchase their contact lenses online. A series of quick guides are available which cover comparisons of competitor brand lenses, lens options, contact lens tips, and the option to view and choose lenses by their type or brand.

With a current prescription suitable for contact lenses, customers can buy online from Optical Express 24 hours a day.

The new site, which offers free delivery on all products, combined with the company’s ability to offer market-leading prices, provides the perfect complement to the current 200+ Optical Express stores nationwide.

Optical Express is registered with the General Optical Council; therefore patients can be assured that only quality lenses from Europe’s top suppliers are sold through the group, and experience the convenience of being able to shop online with local aftercare and advice available through the Optical Express network of UK stores.

About Optical Express
The Optical Express Group was founded in 1991 and is now a global leader of selected healthcare services. The Group covers optical stores, refractive laser eye surgery, spectacles, contact lenses, dental clinics, state-of-the-art medical hospitals and cosmetic treatment centers.

Optical express provides trained specialists to help patients determine which laser eye surgery treatment is best suited to their unique needs and will explain the most advanced eye surgery treatments such as Advanced CustomVue Wavefront and Intralase as well as LASIK.

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