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Make Your Own Nike Or Adidas Glow In The Dark Shoes

Do you like the new Nike Jordan glow in the dark or the Adidas Campus 80 GID, but you want something more original, more to your style and creativity?

Glowing Products has just released their newest development. Make your own, customized glow-in-the-dark shoes. Design any shoe with screaming glow all night long, glow-in-the-dark, heavy-duty, phthalates-free adhesive vinyl from Glowing Products.

You might like the Adidas JS Wings or the Nike Air Yeezy and Nike Dunk, but can’t swallow the high price. Glowing Products product line is known worldwide for its unique products, utilizing high-glow and long-glow photo luminescent properties, created and promoted by Tim LeMaster and Brian Wood.

GP is offering sheets of their vinyl with a 3M® doubled-backed industrial adhesive for you to design and create your own shoes — shoes that will blow away any other glow-in-the-dark.

Want to make it even cooler? GP can add 3M light-reflective to the vinyl, so not only will your shoes glow in the dark, they’ll be light reflective too! Customize any brand of shoe to make them your own your own – GP vinyl is perfect for that. Why pay upwards of $225.00 for Nike or Adidas when you can have something even cooler? You can turn that old pair of favorite shoes into a hot new screaming glow shoes.

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