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Discover a Variety of Exciting and Educational Outdoor Play Ideas at House of Sixty

As we head into the summer months, we are given the ideal opportunity to coax our kids outside for some good old fashion fun. It’s time for television and video games to play second fiddle to running, jumping and playing with friends in the sunshine. Children thrive on outdoor play and thanks to the wide variety of educational toys, activities and playhouses, available now from the House of Sixty online store, their playtimes can be more stimulating and inspirational than ever before.

House of Sixty offers children’s trampolines and children’s bicycles, tricycles and scooters, from established international toy makers who guarantee the safety and quality of their playthings. But the outdoor play range also includes extraordinary creations such as group and single seesaws, giant building blocks, ball games and ring toss; to name just a few of the items on display.

They are also a leading supplier of a number of innovative and affordable toys, games and activities which have been designed to educate small children and help them to develop important skills, whilst enjoying the hustle and bustle of outdoor play.

Once the fun begins, our children’s education needn’t stop, because outdoor play with friends is an important part of children’s early development. With children’s outdoor toys from House of Sixty, youngsters are encouraged to practice balance, co-ordination skills and more; but they’ll be having too much fun to notice that they’re learning at all.

Imaginations run wild with the right stimulation, and the playhouse range from House of Sixty features a number of high quality wooden garden houses which allow children to engage in an array of games and activities. They are also a fantastic way to brighten up your garden this summer. Visit the House of Sixty website today, and explore the extensive outdoor play range.

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