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Redring Powerstream Ascari Central Heating Boiler From The Electrical Counter

The Electrical Counter Company has developed the web site to supply high quality electrical products at excellent prices and either off the shelf or on a short delivery cycle. They have been very successful in this effort and the company goes from strength to strength in producing what the customer wants at a price that he can afford.

The Redring Powerstream Ascari Central Heating Boiler is a great electrical boiler with an energy efficiency of 99% working solely off mains electricity and it will replace the requirement for gas, oil, solid fuel, bottled gas and storage heating systems. The Redring Powerstream Ascari central heating boiler will provide hot water or central heating as required and is a very flexible system, which does not require any regular servicing (Only once every 5 years), which is required annually for other fuel systems for safety and efficiency, nor does it require a flue system. The electric flow boiler supplied by The Electrical Counter will fit with a circulation pump and an expansion vessel to provide a first rate heating system which can be an under floor system or a sealed or open vented system.

The Redring Powerstream Ascari Central Heating Boiler relies on working with off peak electrical power from a white meter overnight and requires a system to store water overnight in a fully insulated container to gain the energy at the cheapest rate. The advantage of such a system is that it is extremely flexible being able to be used as a water heater or a central heating system or a combination of the two and the Redring Powerstream Boilers come in a range of sizes from 12, 8, 6, 4KW to allow a boiler for a range of different uses.

The Electrical Counter is pleased to promote the Redring Powerstream Ascari Boiler as it provides a great alternative to other fuelled boilers which is often a boon in certain places where safety is a major consideration. It fits neatly into a small space in the kitchen or boiler room and can be fitted with all modern control systems and also a 5 degree safety temperature control, they also have 5 litre built-in hot water storage boiler. Electrical boilers are a very simple and silent in their operation and fit well with modern day green technology such as solar power where the energy supplied by these systems nicely supplies energy at a time when mains electricity is at its most expensive.

In past times the thought of an electrical boiler the cost would have worried even the most ardent clean energy supporter but the introduction of the Redring Powerstream Ascari Boiler has brought a high efficiency boiler to the equation and if fitted with the storage systems and green technology provides a central heating system which is far more viable than could have been expected even only a few years ago. Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to supply not only the Redring Powerstream Ascari boiler but also all the ancillary equipment which can bring the system to its maximum potential.

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