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Ace Summerhouses Will Drive away the Snow Time Blues

The blanket of snow that keeps covering the country makes the Springtime seem far away but in 2 months it will be here and for the past 2 years this has been the time when the best weather of the year has occurred. Ace Sheds provide excellent summerhouses that will be ideal when the good weather comes and now is the ideal time to buy a good summerhouse. This may seem the time of the year when nothing happens but it is the time when all the preparations can be made so that a full advantage of the warm weather can be taken when it comes. Ace Sheds have a superb range of summerhouses which can meet all the requirements of the different customers and different applications for which the summerhouse is required. They even supply summerhouses that can be customised with power and light so that they can be used throughout the year. It may seem strange but a warm and cosy summerhouse is an ideal place to enjoy a cup of coffee and look at the beautiful snowy countryside.

Ace Sheds is delighted to promote two of its summerhouses in Kent, which are built with a verandah included in the design. These are the Medway and the Tonbridge Chalet Summerhouses which are built as comfortable rectangular buildings with a verandah or balcony at the front of the summerhouse. These verandah’s are covered by the roof to provide shelter for the person or persons sitting below. The verandah is a lovely place to be on a summer’s day and both the Medway and the Tonbridge Chalet Summerhouse have proved to be very popular buildings. Ace Sheds build this design so that the summerhouse can be used when the weather is cold or with the doors open when it is warm or people can sit on the verandah when the weather is good. The verandah’s usually are a good way to be outside but with shelter from the sun or in some cases the rain. The verandah gives a lovely boundary between the building and the garden and provides a little oasis for the occupants.

Ace Sheds are very pleased with both these designs as they are aimed at two different parts of the market place. The Medway summer house design has been made in a very British traditional design almost like an old cricket pavilion and typically suits an old English type of garden. It has an apex roof running along its length with the lower edge of the roof at the front to give most protection to those on the verandah. The Tonbridge Chalet design however is more of an Austrian chalet type of design and Ace Sheds have made a summerhouse that is far more open at the front as the apex of the roof is in the centre of the front of the building. The verandah is wide and gives a very pleasant area where people can collect and can suit a more modern garden.

Whatever the requirement Ace Sheds are only too pleased to help and a look at their web site and a quick email or phone call will supply the answers to any questions.

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