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Door Furniture Direct Unveils Innovative Solution to a Keyhole Draught

Door Furniture Direct, one of the UK’s biggest online retailers for door handles and other high quality door furniture, has unveiled a brand new keyhole draught excluder, which is currently exclusive to the store. They are encouraging customers to solve their keyhole draught problem today.

In an article published as part of the brand’s Know-How Guides series, entitled ‘Solving a Keyhole Draught’ Door Furniture Direct provided some handy tips about reducing tricky keyhole draughts, and previewed the new and exclusive Brush Keyhole Draught Excluder.

The brush keyhole draught excluder is the perfect solution for the vast majority of keyhole draught issues. This small but mighty piece of door furniture fits discretely under the back plate cover on lock handles (keyhole handles) with bristles to neutralise any draught. But these bristles still allow a key to pass easily into the hole to operate the lock.

Once fitted the draught excluder is invisible keeping your handles looking great on exterior doors. While only one keyhole draught excluder will typically be required per door, they can be fixed to both sides of the door if the draught issue is particularly severe.

These unique draught excluders are currently exclusive to the Door Furniture Direct online store. They’re just one of the many high quality and reliable door furniture accessories available from the new look Door Furniture Direct store. Now better looking and easier to use than ever, this great web store is a one stop shop for new door handles, draught excluders, escutcheons and much more.

Pay a visit to Door Furniture Direct today, to find out more about exclusive brush keyhole draught excluders and much more today.

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