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Electrical Counter Brushes Up On Its Stainless Steel Switches

Electrical Counter has put a lot of effort in getting the right sort of finish for all of its customers when supplying the electrical trade with a full set of switches. Brushed Stainless Steel is one of the best ranges of electrical switches face plates that are available on the market today. The advantage that this range of finishes has is that it will fit in very well both in the home and also in the office, shop, restaurant or work place, it is very versatile as well as being hard wearing and is very good at keeping its original appearance even with a heavy usage.

One of the best ranges of stainless steel switches is the Nexus flat plate screwless brushed steel switch, which has been designed with neatness in mind as well as simplicity of access for the skilled operator. The face plates of the Nexus flat plate screwless brushed steel switch are very smooth and as it says, it has no screw holes in it and no screw fittings but the face plate fits over the switch box with a clip on and clip off system which is easy to manage. The brushed stainless steel finish is such that it has a good lacquered finish to reduce any fingerprint marking and which also allows easy cleaning of the surface. Electrical Counter is delighted with this Nexus screwless brushed steel switch as it looks exceptionally good in any building in which the public have access and the range of switches covers the full range of applications that may be required. In the home there are the full range of single double and multiple 1 gang switches and also a range of two way switches. The specialist switches and sockets are all covered with a very impressive shaver socket and switch plus a fan isolator switch. The cooker switches and kitchen equipment switches are all covered so that there is a full range of matching switches as well as many other switches. There is also a full range of matching screwless flat plate sockets available to complete the installation.

There are a number of the Nexus brushed steel switches that are fitted with neon lights to indicate that power is flowing. This is a particularly useful addition as in these times of power savings and high energy costs this switch does indicate that an unwanted bathroom light has been left on or that power is still being supplied to the extractor fan. So much of the household equipment supplied today is virtually silent when in operation and this simple addition can save a great deal of extra cost.

Electrical Counter is impressed with the Nexus screwless brushed steel switch when it is installed in the business community as it looks in keeping with the modern office or public building. The screwless appearance stops the amateur electrician from accessing the switch whilst maintaining an easy access for the skilled electrician. These switches can be sourced from Electrical Counter at a third of their normal cost, which makes them an even more attractive proposition.

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