Electrical Counter Count On Keeping Out The British Weather

The Electrical Counter has a tremendous range of electrical switches and sockets, which they can supply, and this reflects the number of different applications and designs and materials used in manufacture. The Electrical Counter realise that these different types are required or desired by the commercial trade and the general public in completing their electrical circuits.

One of the areas that The Electrical Counter supply is the switch and or socket that is required to be completely weatherproof. To this purpose The Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to supply the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range of products. This range of electrical equipment has been especially designed and built to supply power to areas where the ravages of the British weather can reach without posing any danger to the running of the power system or to the people who may come in contact with the equipment. The range of sockets runs from the simple single sockets to twin sockets as well as time switched sockets.

The design of the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket is one of the major items of the range of weatherproof equipment and this comes with an excellent 7 day electronic timer. The socket is a 16 amp socket housed in a clear polycarbonate case which has an excellent clip system to ensure that the lid holds shut in all weathers. The polycarbonate cover is resistant to high impact damage and seals successfully onto the body of the socket. This ensures that there is no chance of water entry into the electrical system. The Electrical Counter realise that these sockets have to deal with some difficult weather and are impressed with the design which has been made to deal with a permanent electrical installation and not just a temporary application. The cable entry is simple but effectively sealed.

The 7 day timer means that the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket can be used to operate equipment remotely on a 365 day of the year operation without having to be altered or switched off at various times. There is however a simple manual override which can be used to turn power off or to operate the circuit on a continuous basis if the work level demands such a system. The socket is UV protected and will not lose its appearance due to Ultra Violet light from normal sunlight. All hinges are obviously rustproof.

The Electrical Counter can also supply the double socket version where one socket is covered by the 7 day timer and the other is a straight forward 13 amp socket. There are a great number of applications where the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range can be used and The Electrical Counter are keen to promote their usage as there are many places where these switches and sockets would do a much better and safer job than the system already being used. There are many production units where water spray or rain can get at the electrical equipment where the equipment is not adequately covered. These switches are very competitively priced and a look at The Electrical Counter website will give the viewer an excellent idea of what is available.

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Electrical Counter Brushes Up On Its Stainless Steel Switches

Electrical Counter has put a lot of effort in getting the right sort of finish for all of its customers when supplying the electrical trade with a full set of switches. Brushed Stainless Steel is one of the best ranges of electrical switches face plates that are available on the market today. The advantage that this range of finishes has is that it will fit in very well both in the home and also in the office, shop, restaurant or work place, it is very versatile as well as being hard wearing and is very good at keeping its original appearance even with a heavy usage.

One of the best ranges of stainless steel switches is the Nexus flat plate screwless brushed steel switch, which has been designed with neatness in mind as well as simplicity of access for the skilled operator. The face plates of the Nexus flat plate screwless brushed steel switch are very smooth and as it says, it has no screw holes in it and no screw fittings but the face plate fits over the switch box with a clip on and clip off system which is easy to manage. The brushed stainless steel finish is such that it has a good lacquered finish to reduce any fingerprint marking and which also allows easy cleaning of the surface. Electrical Counter is delighted with this Nexus screwless brushed steel switch as it looks exceptionally good in any building in which the public have access and the range of switches covers the full range of applications that may be required. In the home there are the full range of single double and multiple 1 gang switches and also a range of two way switches. The specialist switches and sockets are all covered with a very impressive shaver socket and switch plus a fan isolator switch. The cooker switches and kitchen equipment switches are all covered so that there is a full range of matching switches as well as many other switches. There is also a full range of matching screwless flat plate sockets available to complete the installation.

There are a number of the Nexus brushed steel switches that are fitted with neon lights to indicate that power is flowing. This is a particularly useful addition as in these times of power savings and high energy costs this switch does indicate that an unwanted bathroom light has been left on or that power is still being supplied to the extractor fan. So much of the household equipment supplied today is virtually silent when in operation and this simple addition can save a great deal of extra cost.

Electrical Counter is impressed with the Nexus screwless brushed steel switch when it is installed in the business community as it looks in keeping with the modern office or public building. The screwless appearance stops the amateur electrician from accessing the switch whilst maintaining an easy access for the skilled electrician. These switches can be sourced from Electrical Counter at a third of their normal cost, which makes them an even more attractive proposition.

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Nexus Metal Sockets Provide a Good Base For The Electrical Counter

The Nexus range of electrical sockets manufactured by B G (British General) provides The Electrical Counter with a superb range to supply to the electrical industry. The range of electrical sockets has changed remarkably over the past few years and the introduction of the metal faced sockets has given a completely new outlook to all the electrical fitments and these allow the interior designer a vastly different set of parameters with which to work.

The Electrical Counter is able to supply the full range of metal faced sockets with a complete range of different faceplate materials and finishes. The Nexus electrical socket can be either a single or double ganged socket, which can be supplied with or without a switch. The Nexus electrical sockets are very neat in their design and the metal faces are of a very plain but sleek design. The sockets have a plastic gasket around the box to restrict the entry of any dampness but this is hidden from view so that it does not take anything from the overall appearance of the Nexus electrical socket. The metal faces of the Nexus Sockets are coated with a lacquer, which limits the fingerprint marks, which appear on the sockets from continual usage. These Nexus electrical sockets are becoming very popular as the metallic finish gives a completely different look to the finished electrical socket.

The different types of electrical socket metallic finishes are the item that impresses The Electrical Counter most of all. The different metal face plates that are available are Brushed Steel, Polished Chrome, Black Nickel, Matt Black, Polished Brass, Pearl Nickel, Antique Brass and Cream. This is a most impressive range of different materials and finishes and these really do look good in suit, the face plates are extremely sleek and will grace any building modern or elderly. Brushed steel and polished chrome have been around for some time but they still look excellent and fit very well in a modern house with the clean lines. Black Nickel is a beautiful finish that has been very popular over the past years and this fits in exceptionally well with modern house designs. Brass finishes whether polished or antique fit with a whole range of house décor and designs and will often prove very successful in the older house fitted with antique furniture. The Black and Cream switches are quite novel and give a totally different view and if installed into a house with the latest modern trends can really add to the décor.

The Pearl Nickel is rather a special item and has to be ordered separately but it is one design, which is particularly good at raising the profile of the installation, and there really is very little on the market elsewhere to compare with its appearance. The Electrical Counter is delighted with the total range of switches and sockets and this group of finishes is bound to become more popular as time progresses. A quick look at The Electrical Counter web site will reveal just what is available and any queries can be addressed by email or phone. This is certainly a range to watch.

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ElectricalCounter.co.uk Polishes Their Switches

Electrical Counter has built up a very good business based on an excellent internet hub to supply the electrical industry with a great range of products for the electrical supply service market. They have been particularly good at moving with the times and the latest range of sockets and switches from all the major manufacturers has given the user a great deal of choice in terms of design and applications. This has allowed the user to use Electrical Counter to develop a theme for the whole of the household or workplace and then be able to obtain a full range of switches and sockets for every application required.

One of the latest ranges that have really taken off is the polished chrome switch and socket and the latest ranges really supply not only a great finish but a superb a vast array of different types of switches and sockets. This array of different switches has allowed the end user to choose some excellent looking fitments which have been built specially for the application. Polished Chrome has a mirror finish and the appearance shines and whilst it will accept some fingerprint coverage this is easily cleaned and will not detract significantly from the overall appearance in any case. Electrical Counter can supply a full range of Nexus Metal manufactured switches and sockets, and the quality is it as would be expected from such a well-known manufacturer.

There are, of course, the typical switch ranges which generally have a smooth rounded thin face plates and rounded switch push toggles in single and double and triple gang, but there are some excellent ancillary items. The switch tripe pole fan isolator switch is a lovely large switch which does the job it is designed for but has an excellent appearance and will fit well outside of any bathroom fixing or some other suitable application, this also matches a good looking shaver socket which has a long thin appearance with a very compact but capable plastic insert in the shaver socket position. There are 45 amp switches with a neon indicator for controlling that high amperage usage. The range of dimmer switches is something often missed with single, double, triple and four way ganged dimmer switches so that the whole of a room can be dimmed at different levels. This makes for some superb lighting effects that can change the complete ambience within the setting and The Electrical Counter is proud to be able to assist with the supply of the equipment and can provide advice and help if required.

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