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Electrical Counter Brush Up The Stainless Switch And Socket

Electrical Counter have recently found that there has been a substantial change in the market desire for different types of switches and sockets and one of the major changes has been in the supply of brushed steel socket and switch. Brushed steel finishes on electrical equipment has been a long time coming but since it did arrive there has been a very positive shift in the types of finish that are now requested by the customers. Electrical Counter is pleased to supply the Nexus range of brushed steel electrical fittings and these are now becoming a standard in the supply chain. The brushed steel effect is excellent is it is coated with a clear lacquer it does not mark with fingerprints like some of its counterparts and it is very easily cleaned when it does get marked.

Electrical Counter notes that this range of Nexus Brushed Stainless Steel electrical fittings is excellent when used in the kitchen. The kitchen can be the standard household kitchen in the family home or the commercial kitchen in the larger catering establishment, strangely it does not matter as they look equally as good in both and the safety features are such that they can work quite adequately in both. The BG Nexus Metal NBS70G Brushed Steel 45A Cooker Unit with Neon is a good brushed steel unit, which will supply power to the oven, and hob unit and will give a useful spare socket to work with. The neon shows when power is still on and will provide a timely reminder to turn off power when holidays or enforced absence occurs. The brushed steel effect will fit in with many of today’s kitchen units, it is particularly effective in the large commercial kitchen where stainless steel is found in abundance with most modern commercial kitchen units being made of stainless steel throughout as a matter of health and safety requirements. The usage of Nexus brushed stainless steel switches and sockets is a perfect match and also continues the health and safety theme.

Electrical Counter note that these electrical fittings all have a plastic seal between the switch or socket and the base box so that a watertight seal is made between the two parts. This stops any ingress of steam or water that may be present in the kitchen. The switches are invariably of the rocker type and these are very smooth and easy to operate, these smooth switches means that there are no snagging or ligature problems and that they can be operated by an irate chef with his hands full.

Electrical Counter is delighted with the full Nexus range as there is a switch and socket for every use required, from individual sockets to ganged units as well as specialist items like data points and telephone sockets. The light switches can be fitted on the wall in single or ganged units and in single or double pole models. Electrical Counter note that these electrical fittings can easily be changed in minutes without any repair work or alterations.

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