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Electrical Counter Count On Keeping Out The British Weather

The Electrical Counter has a tremendous range of electrical switches and sockets, which they can supply, and this reflects the number of different applications and designs and materials used in manufacture. The Electrical Counter realise that these different types are required or desired by the commercial trade and the general public in completing their electrical circuits.

One of the areas that The Electrical Counter supply is the switch and or socket that is required to be completely weatherproof. To this purpose The Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to supply the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range of products. This range of electrical equipment has been especially designed and built to supply power to areas where the ravages of the British weather can reach without posing any danger to the running of the power system or to the people who may come in contact with the equipment. The range of sockets runs from the simple single sockets to twin sockets as well as time switched sockets.

The design of the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket is one of the major items of the range of weatherproof equipment and this comes with an excellent 7 day electronic timer. The socket is a 16 amp socket housed in a clear polycarbonate case which has an excellent clip system to ensure that the lid holds shut in all weathers. The polycarbonate cover is resistant to high impact damage and seals successfully onto the body of the socket. This ensures that there is no chance of water entry into the electrical system. The Electrical Counter realise that these sockets have to deal with some difficult weather and are impressed with the design which has been made to deal with a permanent electrical installation and not just a temporary application. The cable entry is simple but effectively sealed.

The 7 day timer means that the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof 105 DT – C PowerX time switched socket can be used to operate equipment remotely on a 365 day of the year operation without having to be altered or switched off at various times. There is however a simple manual override which can be used to turn power off or to operate the circuit on a continuous basis if the work level demands such a system. The socket is UV protected and will not lose its appearance due to Ultra Violet light from normal sunlight. All hinges are obviously rustproof.

The Electrical Counter can also supply the double socket version where one socket is covered by the 7 day timer and the other is a straight forward 13 amp socket. There are a great number of applications where the Greenbrook PXC Weatherproof range can be used and The Electrical Counter are keen to promote their usage as there are many places where these switches and sockets would do a much better and safer job than the system already being used. There are many production units where water spray or rain can get at the electrical equipment where the equipment is not adequately covered. These switches are very competitively priced and a look at The Electrical Counter website will give the viewer an excellent idea of what is available.

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