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Laundry 365 Keep You Running £65 Days A Year

Laundry 365 is pleased to promote their excellent laundry repair services to an industry that often requires coverage every day of the year. The company was named Laundry 365 on the basis that people who set up the company realised that laundries were an essential part of everyday operation and a breakdown could bring the whole operation to a standstill and if this occurred at a weekend or on a holiday then a lot of people could be inconvenienced very severely. To resolve this problem Laundry 365 was set up to make sure that the industry was able to get a repair service that would see them operate 365 days a year whilst having a service available that could repair all but the catastrophic breakdown at the customers beck and call.

Laundry 365 pride themselves on the quality of the equipment they supply in the first place as being some of the best on the market but as with all mechanical equipment breakdowns will occur and a rapid response and solution is essential to good operation. The company are pleased to offer various service contracts on all their commercial laundry equipment and up to 4 years can be arranged as a service contract, which added to the manufacturers guarantee, gives a total of 5 years repair coverage. Laundry 365 is pleased to note that the repair service covers a 365 days a year with a 24 hour rapid repair service and all parts and labour. It will also include an annual preventative maintenance visit and if the equipment uses gas there will be an annual gas safety inspection. The service has been designed to give the customer peace of mind that when problems do occur there is a simple and safe solution just a phone call away.

Laundry 365 only source the repair parts from the leading manufacturers so that the integrity of the repair is secure and will bring the equipment concerned back to full operational condition that should last a long time. This is one part of laundry operation that Laundry 365 has focussed on for a long time, as it has been the Achilles heel of the business. Laundry machines by definition do a great deal of hard work and their operating speeds and rotations are extremely high and the toughest of materials can wear in time and a good repair service is everything.

If the laundry does not have a service contract that is no problem to Laundry 365 as they offer a great repair service in this case as the Companies vast experience in the industry allows them to resolve almost all problems whilst being extremely competitive in price.

Laundry 365 will be delighted to talk to 0r email any laundry or prospective laundry to show just what they can do to help the customer to make sure that the laundry operation works safely and securely for all 365 days a year and that when the work has been completed that the quality of the repairs of Laundry 365 will stand the test of time.

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