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Splash And Relax Into Autumn With A Great Canadian Spa

Splash and Relax supply great hot tubs and swimming pools that are fabulous for use throughout the summer and whilst the outdoor pool may be thinking of sleeping for the winter the hot tub can still be a great friend during the depths of winter. The hot tub can be a garden fixture or it can be fitted inside the house or the summerhouse or one of the most ideal places is the conservatory. People are naturally going to be a little reluctant to go too far in the cold so any inside option will be well received, however, anybody who has been skiing on a regular basis would have seen or experienced the use of an outside spa or hot tub. There is nothing better than coming from the slopes and getting rid of the aches and pains of hard days skiing.

Splash and Relax have great pleasure in promoting one of Canadian Spa’s new ranges of spas in the form of the Winnipeg Garden Hot Tub. Canadian Spa is one of the major manufacturers of hot tubs and the quality of their tubs is excellent and will nicely work inside or out. The Canadian Spa Winnipeg Hot Tub is a great family hot tub released for the season 2013 and having a great flexibility of operation so that the massaging can be from the gentlest flow to the deepest massage according to the requirements of the user. The seats are contoured to the shape of the user and are ergonomically designed the give the most relaxing posture possible. There are some 35 jets to give the full hydrotherapy massage session that is required and these are supplied by a large pipework manifold the get the best water flow to the jets. Splash and Relax note that all the jets are made of stainless steel and can all be adjusted in direction and flow. A very large 4 HP pump will meet the needs of even the toughest user for a good muscle massage but can also take care of the sensitive user.

Splash and Relax are pleased that this unit will be delivered virtually ready to go with a superb hot tub sculpted for the users and with a great array of hydrotherapy jets ether in a Silver marble shell with a charcoal grey cabinet or by special order the Winnipeg Garden Hot Tub comes with a blue Caribbean shell with a cedar wood effect cabinet or even for the more adventurous a Gypsum shell and a Chocolate cabinet. Each type of design has its advantages and it is a matter of personal choice which type is ordered.

Finally the completion of this excellent package is helped by a ‘Plug and Play’ sound system, which fits to a standard MP 3 player and produces lovely music from the pop up speakers. Splash and Relax believe the super sound system and the LED lighting including the backlit LED lighting behind the waterfall bring a superb atmosphere to an excellent hot tub.

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