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5 Reasons Retailers Need A Mobile Fashion Truck

Cheshire, UK, 2014-7-30 — /EPR Retail News/ — The latest trend currently hitting the U.S. retail truck tours are quickly becoming a sure fire way to increase awareness, interaction and most importantly, sales.

In 2018, more than 60,000 high street shops are predicted to close and over 160 retail chains are predicted to go into administration – as forecasted by the Centre of Retail research. In light of this brands are looking to new technology and innovative marketing campaigns made possible by Event Marketing Solutions.

As brick and mortar shops slowly lose out to the online world, fashion trucks or ‘mobile boutiques’ are becoming increasingly popular in the states, so much so that the phenomenon even has its own association in the form of The American Mobile Retail Association.

Brands and retailers of all sizes, including niche designers, have all jumped on board this new trend that helps retailers like Samsung (pictured) interact with potential customers.

Nic Whelan, Head of Business Development at Event Marketing Solutions considers the latest trend: “For on-line retailers it’s an opportunity to establish a real physical connection with their customers. People can interact in a way that is impossible on-line.

Of course, the use of social media will make the truck ‘phygital’ and attract a much larger audience.”

So why exactly do retailers need a roadshow truck or ‘Mobile Boutique’?

1. Impact – A fully branded creative retail experience is guaranteed to draw a crowd. A mobile pop up store creates a great presence and leaves a lasting impact on customers.

2. Personal experience – A mobile boutique allows brands to take products direct to their customers. The immersive and completely branded experience within a captivating environment allows for a more personal shopper feel – giving shoppers the personal service they expect.

3. Mobile Billboard – Of course whilst you’re on the road, you are essentially a mobile billboard advertising your products and brand.

4. Direct Contact – you aren’t waiting for your customers to come to you in store, you are going to them. There is a great opportunity to move to new locations daily and use social media as an effective way for shoppers to find your roadshow.

5. Convenience – the online shopping world’s major lure is the fact it is convenient. By making your store mobile and bringing your brand and products to customers, you are essentially taking fashion to people who don’t have time to look for your brick and mortar store elsewhere.

Currently being used by brands such as Aston Martin, Hugo Boss and Samsung here in the UK, mobile boutiques are one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed and interact with customers.

EMS specialise in creating entirely bespoke, mobile marketing boutiques for brands that give your potential consumers an opportunity to immerse themselves in your product.

Our team handles every part of your marketing campaign, from graphics, to user experience to tour schedules. We can even find the perfect target sites for your demographic and create a bespoke launch plan to make sure your brand is seen and customers get a hands-on experience with your brand or product.

Visit to see how a roadshow truck from Event Marketing Solutions can help your brand.

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