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“Bake-Off effect” contributed to rise in bakery sales at Sainsbury’s

LONDON, 2014-8-22 — /EPR Retail News/ — With the show now in its fifth season, the “Bake-Off effect” has contributed to a rise in bakery sales at Sainsbury’s, with both ingredients and equipment seeing significant uplifts.

Sainsbury’s has reported a 30% increase in the sale of flaked almonds after Mary Berry featured Florentines in last week’s episode. Similarly Sainsbury’s has seen bakeware up a massive 200%. In addition rolling pins and cookie cutters are up 22% week on week, Cooks Collection Bakeware up 53%* and plain flour is up 16%.  Within Sainsbury’s exclusive Mary Berry collection of bakeware, the ‘Time for Tea Bell’ is the range’s best seller.

“There is clear evidence that our shoppers are immediately inspired when watching cookery shows like the Great British Bake Off’ says Susi Richards, Head of Own Brand Product Development at Sainsbury’s. “We have seen that sales of our kitchen equipment and bakery goods peak online between 7-9pm on a Wednesday, directly around the time the GBBO airs.

“We make sure we manage this for our customers by ensuring that there is always good stock of products in demand. For example we know freeze-dried raspberries are going to feature on the GBBO, so have plenty of these in store and we have also stocked up on yeast in preparation for this week’s bread theme on the show.”

The show’s ability to drive sales is the latest in a long line of TV and celebrity chef-influenced trends. Sales of goose fat rocketed at Sainsbury’s in 2006 when celebrity chef Nigella Lawson advocated it on TV, as well as nutmeg, where sales increased fourfold after Jamie Oliver recommended using it on pasta dishes.


"Bake-Off effect" contributed to rise in bakery sales at Sainsbury’s
“Bake-Off effect” contributed to rise in bakery sales at Sainsbury’s
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