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Sainsbury’s survey: One in two British adults say school days are the best

LONDON, 2015-8-25— /EPR Retail News/ — In the run up to back to school, parents remember their fondest school memories.

  • One in two British adults regard their school days as ‘the best days of their lives’
  • Two thirds (66%) of Brits still have three close friends they met at school
  • One in four (25%) still has an item of old school uniform
  • English teachers were the most popular

As parents prepare their children for back to school, a new study has shown that one in two British adults believes school days were ‘the best days of their lives’.

The survey, commissioned by Sainsbury’s for back to school, delved into the life experiences of 2,000 adults to reveal the nation’s 30 most vivid school memories.

Topping the list were school assemblies and competing in the annual sports day, with 70 per cent of 25-34 year olds reminiscing about their relay races.

While the third biggest memory was the annual school photo in clean, pristine uniforms.

The survey went on to reveal that, alongside memories, one in four (25%) adults showed their sentimental side by still owning an item from their school days. Ties were the most popular keepsake – especially for the over 45s, of which 80 per cent still cherished theirs – followed by a school shirt, signed during the last day of term rituals.

And it’s not just memorabilia that has stood the test of time, as two thirds of us are still close with friends we made at school. Northerners in particular live up to the stereotype as the friendliest part of the country: 70 per cent still spend quality time with at least three old school pals, compared to half (57%) of Londoners and 1 in 4 of Welsh.

In the classroom, English teachers proved the most popular (27%), while sacré bleu will no doubt be raised with our French cousins, who came out as the least (7%).

The Spice Girls reunion is good news for nearly half of 25-34 year olds, as it seems break time was spent perfecting the moves of Posh et al with a little bit of Zig-a-Zig Ah!  Elsewhere in the playground, boys were busy using school jumpers as goal posts for football matches (62%) and swapping football stickers (46%), whereas girls were making daisy chains (73%), and practicing their handstands (45%). While romance started early for the 45 per cent who remember playing kiss chase.

For those 45 years old and over, research showed that playground times were spent playing Conkers, Top Trumps and attempting to solve the Rubix Cube.

John Carolan, Head of Buying for Tu childrenswear at Sainsbury’s, said: ‘It’s great to see that memories made at school last a lifetime and are looked back at fondly. Back to school is such an important time for parents and children alike; it’s an exciting journey for children and prompts parents to recollect life changing memories from their past. As always, Sainsbury’s is here to make parents’ lives easier and help them plan ahead  – which is why we so extensively test our back to school range to make sure it stands the test of time throughout the school year and beyond, if the amount of cherished signed school shirts is anything to go by!’

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Sainsbury’s survey: One in two British adults say school days are the best
Sainsbury’s survey: One in two British adults say school days are the best
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