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Décathlon’s Newfeel shoes built around the Propulse Walking Technology innovation attack the sport walking market

Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France, 2015-9-3 — /EPR Retail News/ — Since the beginning of the year, our Newfeel brand has been represented in the sport walking market. Beginner and experienced walkers alike now have access to a colourful range of shoes built around the Propulse Walking Technology innovation. Our experts also provide some precious advice on the brand’s new website.

The benefits of an accessible sport

Something that the majority of us do every day, walking is the ultimate accessible activity. So why not try sport walking? Also known as fast or active walking, you can do it at your own rhythm – well-being or performance – always smoothly with low injury risk. In addition to the feeling of well-being provided by being outdoors, sport walking helps weight loss, strengthens muscles and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Technology tested in extreme conditions

Sport walking requires little equipment – but important equipment nevertheless. To meet the specific needs of this sport, Newfeel has invented Propulse Walking Technology: propulsion of the heel the moment it hits the ground, specific contact zone and flex groove, guided push-off and big-toe protection… the Propulse Walk range provides innovative comfort. You feel like you’re “wearing slippers” according to some customers.

Emmanuel Lassalle, Newfeel technical partner and long distance walker, really put the Propulse Walk 400s through their paces. He took on the 426 kilometres of the longest race in the world, Paris-Colmar. He also has very positive feedback: “I’d never walked so far in these shoes. They turned out to be extremely dynamic, whatever speed I was walking at. My stride always felt very natural, the cushioning is very soft and the shoes very comfortable. My feet didn’t suffer a single second!”

Welcome advice

New logo, new website and new column: you can now visit the brand’s expert advice section on Different training programmes are offered, as well as tips, recommended improvement goals and a guide on how to choose your equipment. Visitors also have the opportunity to share their experiences. Almost as much fun as sport walking itself!

Go behind the scenes of the Propulse Walk design:

SOURCE: Décathlon

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