Carrefour Italia launches the 24 7 Gourmet Market in Genoa

On 24 September Carrefour Italia held a special event to inaugurate the new formula of the Market store of Via XX Settembre in Genova, which will offer the Genoese public the products and services of excellence which characterise the Gourmet Markets. Another major novelty is the possibility of doing one’s shopping day and night, throughout the week, thus meeting the new flexibility requirements of the Genoese, who will be able to organise the time of their purchases far more simply.

The Carrefour Gourmet Market store, a historic shopping reference for the Genoese in Via XX Settembre, boasts local products such as fruit and vegetables and a large variety of fresh fish, the prized oils of the Region and a rich wine cellar with one of the best selections from all over Italy, in addition to other unmissable Ligurian labels. The ever fresh focaccia and Taggiasca olives complement the possibility of buying the best cuts of Italian meat, from the Piedmontese Fassona to the Tuscan Chianina, as well as being able to choose between over 200 types of cheeses. The store also offers a well-stocked bread counter where the typical Ligurian focaccias can be found, made in the traditional way. Many of the gourmet products on sale can already be enjoyed in the modern and elegant bistrot that welcomes customers on entering the Market.

To complete the purchase offer for its own customers, the Via XX Settembre Carrefour Gourmet Market also offers the services that distinguish many of the Market stores of the Group: the laundry, the option of home delivery, parking facilities (an important requirement considering the historic central area where the Market is situated) and also the sale of AMT tickets for Genova’s public transport.

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