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Wincor Nixdorf to present its enhanced hardware portfolio for retail stores at EuroCIS 2016

Better performance, lower energy consumption

Paderborn, GERMANY, 2016-Jan-19 — /EPR Retail News/ — More powerful, energy-saving, user-friendly and ergonomic: Wincor Nixdorf is presenting its enhanced hardware portfolio for retail stores at EuroCIS 2016. The enhancements have been made to the BEETLE POS family, including printers, as well as solutions for self-service checkout and cash management at the point of sale and in the back office.

For over 40 years, Wincor Nixdorf has been synonymous with innovative, reliable and future-proof POS technology. At EuroCIS 2016, the IT provider will once again demonstrate why it holds such a leading position. Since in today’s age of omnichannel solutions, the point of sale is turning into a hub for additional applications, Wincor Nixdorf has equipped its systems with even more powerful and highly energy-efficient processors. At the same time, the company added new variants to individual model lines and made various fine adjustments.

Checkout: The all-in-one multitouch POS system BEETLE /iPOS plus, with its new Intel Braswell processor technology (Intel Pentium N3710 4x up to 2.56 GHz), offers 100 percent more computing power and up to 40 percent less energy consumption than the previous Intel Atom processor. Its fanless, dust- and splash-proof aluminum chassis and the projected capacitive multitouch technology ensure maximum system availability, a long service life and a guaranteed future. In addition, the terminal’s design was modernized and its footprint further reduced prior to EuroCIS 2016.

Mobile solutions. For store staff who want to serve customers not only at the checkout but also on the shop floor using tablet PCs, Wincor Nixdorf offers a mobile POS solution. The tablet, which can be integrated in the existing store IT infrastructure via the software platform, provides all required POS functionalities. The solution is thus targeted in particular at specialist retailers whose customers expect reliable advice. Employees can obtain supplementary information on articles and prices, for example, and so respond competently and flexibly to customers’ wishes. If there are too many customers having to wait at open stationary checkouts, the mobile solution can help out and so reduce waiting times (“queue busting”).

Peripherals: Wincor Nixdorf’s new TH250 thermal POS printer, which has been awarded an ENERGY STAR, is the successor to the tried-and-tested printer model TH230. The new device offers convincing performance thanks to its printing speed of 350 mm per second, making it one of the fastest thermal receipt printers available on the market. At EuroCIS, visitors from the world of retailing can also get a picture of the TH250’s optimized graphics and QR code printing. In addition, the printer’s energy consumption has been minimized through improved standby control.

Self-service checkout: A perfect shopping experience with a focus on speed, convenience and flexibility is once again a major topic at this year’s trade fair. Here, Wincor Nixdorf is well-positioned with its different self-service solutions for the checkout zone. The focus is on the self-service checkout solution BEETLE /iSCAN EASY. With its new design, new cash components, easy switching between staff-operated and self-service mode and the ability to be easily integrated in checkout furnishings, BEETLE /iSCAN EASY meets all the current requirements retailers have for self-service checkouts.

In-store interaction is also supported by the W1000 kiosk solution. Through its interactive kiosk applications, customers can get additional information and also complete transactions, if required. The selection of self-service systems for EuroCIS reflects the results of the Self-Checkout Initiative started by the EHI Retail Institute. Over the course of 2015, a market survey of already installed systems as well as an extensive retailer survey provided further insights, which can be realized with Wincor Nixdorf systems. Wincor Nixdorf’s consulting campaign We make IT yours! uses the EHI study as a basis and offers the opportunity to discuss the benefits and deployment options of self-service solutions – also at the trade fair.

Cash management: Wincor Nixdorf offers a broad portfolio of systems for banknote and coin processing both at the checkout and in the cash office.

A new highlight that is going to be presented at EuroCIS for the first time is Value Line for cash management at the POS. This attractive entry-level solution for automated cash processing is geared specifically to the requirements of Wincor Nixdorf’s retail customers and their end customers. Value Line is characterized by its simple integration in existing POS software, its security and its excellent price/performance ratio. A compact system design simplifies the process of integrating Value Line in existing checkout zones. The solution is designed to be used in industries with moderate cash processing requirements as far as speed and the number of transactions are concerned, for example at bakeries, kiosks, hospitality businesses, hairdressers, clothing stores or furniture stores.

Furthermore, Wincor Nixdorf will use the trade fair as an opportunity to demonstrate the performance of its POS automation solution consisting of the CINEO C6010 and the CINEO C1010, which has proven its worth in practice at service stations and many independent food retailers, for example. Retailers visiting the fair can also convince themselves of the solutions that Wincor Nixdorf has developed for automated, time-saving cash processing in the cash office, namely the CINEO C6020 note recycler and the CINEO C1030 bulk coin recycler. Wincor Nixdorf will be showcasing both the consolidation of notes in a cassette and stacked storage in a safe bag.

During EuroCIS 2016 (January 23–25, 2016, Düsseldorf exhibition center), Wincor Nixdorf will be presenting its solution portfolio at stand C26 in hall 9. What’s more, various practical projects and Wincor Nixdorf’s omnichannel solutions will be introduced as part of the presentation program that accompanies the trade fair. Claude Gerber, Head of IT at Calida AG, will talk about his experiences with the SAP Order Management solution Wincor Nixdorf has installed at the global clothing group, for example. There are also plans for a presentation about the omnichannel concepts an international fashion group has pursued together with Wincor Nixdorf. In addition, Sabine Grün, Head of Retail Industry Marketing at Wincor Nixdorf, will give a brief talk on the subject of “Creating a new store experience with mobile solutions”.

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