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Chow Tai Fook launches “Marvel” jewellery Collection

Hong Kong, 2017-Jul-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — For the release of the new superhero film “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, the group is proudly presenting Chow Tai Fook “Marvel” Collection inspired by some of the classic characters from Marvel, one of The Walt Disney Company’s most popular franchises. The collection sees the transformation of the iconic characters including Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America into a marvelous range of statuette, jewellery accessories in pure gold, silver and diamonds.

With the highly anticipated “Spider-Man: Homecoming” hitting the big screens on 6th July 2017 in Hong Kong, Spider-Man is going to once again delight fans. Peter Parker (Spider-Man), with the help of his mentor Iron Man, attempts to strike a balance between his roles as a high school student and Spider-Man after the events of “Captain America: Civil War”. He eventually grows into a true superhero as he fights against the new villain, Vulture. The Chow Tai Fook “Marvel” Collection features Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America, as well as Thor and Hulk from the upcoming Marvel sequel “Thor: Ragnarok”. The most highlighted one is the real-like Iron Man pure gold statuette and pendant which Chow Tai Fook firstly launches developed based on classic Iron Man Mark 45 with highly accurate details as shown in helmet and armor, which are good choices for fans’ collectible items! Besides, Chow Tai Fook also launches iconic pure gold, silver and silver with diamond Spider-Man pendant. Marvel fans can fulfill their superhero dreams through the exquisite and dynamic range of jewellery accessories and statuette.

Spending HK$1,200 or above* at ctfeShop (including at least one product of “Marvel” Collection) can get a Hot Toys Spider-Man Cosbaby (S) for free; available while stocks last; terms and conditions apply.

[Chow Tai Fook Gear Up Challenge]

Chow Tai Fook invited celebrity Louis Cheung to promote for the Chow Tai Fook “Marvel” Collection by acting as a training ambassador creating a set of three cool-looking and practical poses for two personal trainers to demonstrate to draw fans to participate in the Challenge.

How to enter:

i) i) Participant browses “Chow Tai Fook Gear Up Challenge” event page to understand the requirements of each pose Link:

ii) Do 10 times for each pose according to the sequence and the poses introduced in the video and say “CTF Gear Up Challenge”

iii) Shoot a video and upload to “Chow Tai Fook Gear Up Challenge” event page, and tag 3 friends and invite them to participate in the Challenge

iv) Chow Tai Fook will select the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up for male and female groups based on the following criteria to win the prizes:


i) Accuracy of poses

ii) The quickest time to finish the poses

iii) Styling (related to the hero characters that Louis Cheung mentioned in the video)


Champion (worths HK$23,298)

i) Chow Tai Fook “Marvel” Collection Iron Man Pure Gold Statuette (worths HK$14,500)

ii) HK$1,000 Department Store cash coupon

iii) Fitness Centre Privilege Membership (1 month unlimited group class & 4 one-on-one Personal Training sessions (worths HK$7,798)

First Runner-up (worths HK$6,698)

i) Chow Tai Fook “Marvel” Collection Spider-Man Pure Gold Pendant (worths HK$1,500)

ii) HK$800 Department Store cash coupon

iii) Fitness Centre Privilege Membership (14 days unlimited group class & 2 one-on-one Personal Training sessions (worths HK$4,398)

Second Runner-up (worths HK$4,298)

i) Chow Tai Fook “Marvel” Collection Spider-Man Pure Gold Charm/Pendant (Including leather strap) (worths HK$1,100)

ii) HK$500 Department Store cash coupon

iii) Fitness Centre Privilege Membership (7 days unlimited group class & 1 one-on-one Personal Training sessions (worths HK$2,698)

Additional Prize:

Participants who successfully upload video which is approved by Chow Tai Fook can have a chance to get HK$100 Department Store cash coupon and Fitness Centre Trial Session (limited to 100 quota; terms & conditions apply).

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Source: Chow Tai Fook

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