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Sip Your Way to Lower Cholesterol: Natural Drinks That Help

How some natural drinks can help you lower your cholesterol. A short guide:

1. Green Tea: Green tea has catechins and other things that fight bad stuff in your body and seem to help make LDL and total cholesterol levels lower¹. A 2020 study said that drinking more green tea was linked to lower LDL cholesterol levels¹.

2. Soy Drinks: Soy has less of the fats that are in red meat and some dairy products. Eating less of these fats and more soy products may help lower or control cholesterol levels¹. The FDA says to eat 25 grams per day of soy protein as part of a diet that has less of these fats and cholesterol¹.

3. Oat Drinks: Oats have beta-glucans, which make a gel-like thing in your gut and work with bile salts. These things that dissolve in water may stop cholesterol from getting into your body and help make cholesterol levels lower¹. A 2018 review says that oat drinks, like oat milk, may lower cholesterol more than oat products that are not liquid¹.

4. Citrus Juice: Citrus fruits have a lot of things that fight bad stuff in your body and fiber, which can help lower cholesterol.

5. Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice has a lot of things that fight bad stuff in your body that may lower LDL cholesterol well³.

6. Red Wine: A little bit of red wine can make HDL cholesterol higher and LDL cholesterol lower³.

Remember, while these drinks can help you have a better cholesterol level, they should be part of a bigger plan that includes a good diet, regular exercise, and less stress. Always talk to a doctor before you change your food habits.

(Note: This is a general guide and different people might need different things. Always talk to a doctor for advice that is right for you.)¹

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