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Oxygen Yoga: What Is It, How Does It Work, and What Are the Benefits?

Oxygen yoga is a kind of yoga that is done in a room with more oxygen, usually around 30% to 40%, compared to the normal 21% in the air. Oxygen yoga can have different good things, such as:

  • Making the oxygen go to the cells, parts, and organs better, which can make the change, energy, and immunity better.
  • Making the stress and swelling in the body less, which can make the chance of long diseases, such as sugar, heart, and cancer less.
  • Making the mood and mind work better, by making more of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins, which are the things that control happiness, want, and learning.
  • Making the cleaning and clearing of the body more, by helping the taking out of bad things, waste, and germs through the blood, water, and skin.
  • Making the doing and getting better of the muscles, joints, and bones better, by making the blood, oxygen, and healing of the parts better.

Oxygen yoga can be done by anyone, no matter how old, experienced, or fit they are. However, it is good to ask a doctor before starting oxygen yoga, especially if one has any health problems, hurts, or things they are allergic to that may change the breathing. It is also good to do oxygen yoga with the help of a good teacher, who can give right directions and comments. Oxygen yoga should be done on an empty stomach, better in the morning or evening, in a nice and quiet place.

Oxygen yoga can be done with any kind of yoga, such as hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, bikram, yin, or restorative. The main difference is that the oxygen in the room is made more by using a special thing, such as an oxygen maker, an oxygen giver, or an oxygen place. The oxygen can be changed according to the like and how much one can take of the person. The time and level of the doing can also change, depending on the reason and level of the person.

Oxygen yoga is a new and new way to do yoga, that can give many good things for the mind, body, and soul. By breathing more oxygen, one can feel a higher level of well-being, life, and health.

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