K-retailers and Kesko to hire around 5,000 summer employees next summer

K-retailers and Kesko will have a total of around 5,000 summer employees next summer. The number is approximately the same as in previous years. The K-Group is one of the largest summer employers in Finland.

HELSINKI, Finland, 2016-Feb-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — In the K-Group, most of the summer jobs for young people and students are available at K-food stores. Summer is high season for building and home improvement stores, too, which hire seasonal workers to their yard and garden departments. Summer jobs available at Kesko are at the warehouses, for instance.

“The number of summer employees is divided in such a way that K-retailers employ nearly 4,000, while Kesko Group with its subsidiaries hire more than 1,000 summer employees,” says Kesko Corporation’s Recruitment Specialist Anu Haapoja.

Good induction makes work a pleasure

For many young people, a summer job is their first experience of the working life -something they will remember long. The K-Group takes responsibility by providing young people with a brisk start in their jobs.

The K-Group has collected feedback on the work and particularly on the induction from young employees. On the basis of this feedback, special material has been prepared to support retailers and supervisors in this induction. In addition, there is also online training on induction available which contains information on the K-Group’s common working principles, customer service and responsibility.

“A proper induction makes work more enjoyable and promotes a brisk approach. It is nice to come to a K-job when you know how to act and whom to turn to for help. Our online training material serves as a general introduction to working life which may still be somewhat unfamiliar to young people,” says Haapoja.

In retail stores, the K-job mainly consists of shelving products, keeping the store neat and tidy, and serving customers. Particularly in small stores, duties often get more varied and more responsible as the summer proceeds and the employee’s skills increase.

Most summer employees start work in June, but in retail stores the summer job season begins in May and continues until late August.

Many ways to finding employment

Kesko and K-retailers employ young people through many channels. The Learn and Earn summer training programme gives experience of the retailing sector to the youngest. Many retailers accept students for short-term orientation in working life. If the training period goes well, the result may be a permanent job in the store. Kesko and K-retailers also participate in the Youth Guarantee programme. Since August 2013, more than 2,500 young people in the sphere of the Youth Guarantee have been employed by the K-Group.

“Kesko and K-stores annually employ around 10,000 young people aged under 30 in Finland,” says Haapoja.

Further information: Recruitment SpecialistAnu Haapoja, tel. +358 105337245

More information about employment for the young in Kesko and K-stores at http://www.kesko.fi/en/Careers/k-job/summer-jobs/

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Kesko will employ approximately 5,000 employees this summer

HELSINKI, Finland, 2015-2-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — This summer, K-retailers and Kesko will employ approximately 5,000 summer employees. The number is about the same as last year. The K-Group is one of the biggest summer employers in Finland.

Most of the summer jobs to young people and students in the K-Group are offered by K-food stores. Summer is the high season for building and home improvement stores, which also hire seasonal employees for yard and garden departments. Kesko, for its part, employs summer staff for warehouses for example.

“The total number is divided so that K-retailers hire slightly less than 4,000 people and Kesko Group with its subsidiaries more than 1,000 summer employees,” says Anu Haapoja, Kesko Corporation’s Recruitment Specialist.

In retail stores, the duties of young people mainly consist of shelving, keeping the store neat and tidy, and customer service. Particularly in small stores duties get more varied and involve more responsibility is given as the summer goes on and the employee learns more.

“We K-Group people share enthusiasm in retailing and a retailer approach, which is reflected in the positive attitude of getting things done, readiness to take responsibility and opportunities to influence on how work is done,” Haapoja says, listing some important features of applicants.

Most of the summer employees start in June. The summer job season starts in May and continues until the last weeks of August.

Many paths to employment

Kesko and K-stores employ young people through many different channels. The ‘Learn and earn’ summer training programme gives experience in the trading sector to the very youngest. Many retailers also recruit students to perform on-the-job learning periods included in their studies. A training period well completed may continue as a job in the store. Kesko and K-stores also participate in the Youth Guarantee. Between August 2013 and December 2014, the K-Group employed nearly 2,000 people in the target group of the Youth Guarantee.

“Annually, Kesko and K-stores employ around 10,000 people aged under 30 in Finland”, Haapoja says.

Further information: Head of HRM Mikko Myyryläinen puh.+358 10 53 22872

Further information about the employment of young people in Kesko and K-stores at http://www.kesko.fi/en/Careers/vacancies/summer-jobs/

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