Memega Celebrates Eid

MeMega, a technology specialist based in Saudi Arabia, is launching a range of special offers during the Muslim festival of ‘Eid’.

In order to promote the idea of gift giving among those celebrating the festival, MeMega has announced a range of special offers on cutting edge technological items that make ideal gifts for friends and family. Notable offers that will apply during Eid include 20% off all PC games and selected PS3, Xbox 360 titles, 10% off the Sony Vaio all in one desktop computer and an iPad bundle featuring a 64G Wifi iPad, an iPad case, headphones and power adapter. Customers who purchase an Acer Predator gaming PC will also receive a free Dell widescreen monitor.

John Hinde, Operations Director at MeMega said: “Eid is a time for celebration, spending time with loved ones and gift giving. MeMega’s promotions for Eid across our amazing range of electrical and home entertainment products provide the perfect gift ideas.”

Other offers available during the festival include a free copy of Wii Sports Resort available to customers who buy a Wii console with Wii Sports and free copies of ‘Alan Wake’ for shoppers who purchase an Xbox 360 Elite and gaming chair.

As well as items on special offer, MeMega stocks a huge range of home entertainment products and consumer electronics including laptops, audio equipment and accessories.

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MeMega Announces Range Of New Special Offers During Ramadan

MeMega, a technology specialist based in Saudi Arabia, is launching a range of special offers during Ramadan to encourage families to spend more time together during the religious festival.

The new special offers which MeMega are making available include a number of discounts on the latest technology to keep families entertained and engaged this Ramadan.

Ramadan, which this year runs until 9th September, generally sees Muslim families spending a lot more time in their homes as they look to enrich their soul through sacrifice, self-discipline and through fellowship with their families, friends and the surrounding community. This time is often spent with loved ones who have a similar goal and MeMega hopes that its offers on items such as cameras and DVD players will help to enhance the time spent together by many families during this period.

John Hinde, operations director at MeMega, said: “MeMega understands that Saudi families spend a large amount of time indoors together during Ramadan, which is why we’re offering this amazing range of electrical and home entertainment products that families can enjoy together.”

As well as discounts on many of its ranges, MeMega has special opening times for its showroom in Jeddah during Ramadan. The store will be open from 10am to 1pm and then again at 9pm until 2am to allow families to visit after they have broken their fast at Iftah. Traditionally this is a busy period in Saudi shops during Ramadan.

While the showroom, like many other shops and markets, will close down during evening prayers and the Iftar meal, but then re-open for much of the night, the MeMega website will remain fully operational throughout the period allowing customers to make purchases of laptops and other electronic equipment at their leisure.

About MeMega: is Saudi Arabia’s leading specialist electrical and technology retailer providing the latest technology products, such as gaming laptops and home entertainment systems, to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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