Bedroom Pleasures BPTV TV Shopping Channel

Bedroom has instinctively reacted to the needs of the online consumer and the somewhat limiting boundaries of the sex toys industry, by developing a new pioneering approach to effectively showcase their products.

This concept creates a new addition to the shopping experience on the BedroomPleasures website, in the form of BPTV. Understanding and appreciating a product before purchasing has never simpler with the BPTV sex toys tv. Instead of viewing a potential purchase from product photos on the website, the customer can also watch and understand the product from videos embedded into the website before they buy.

The assistance of a trained BedroomPleasures advisor helps the customer by operating a friendly and informative approach to dissect the function, and the purpose of the chosen product. These informative short snippets of video footage feature professional demonstrations and analysis of a large number of BedroomPleasures products. New videos are also added each week.

With just one click the customer can appreciate a product, or in some cases even watch product and promotional footage from the brand itself. This can be as diverse as watching behind the scenes product footage of an advert such as the Durex Play Vibration Ring, to genuine public response to a product, or even informative sex toys tips.

All of these new BPTV features have been designed to enable the customer to understand and become more familiar with the product brand, its mission, and the product itself.

Moreover, if demand is high enough the customer can even request a product on the BedroomPleasures website to be reviewed on BPTV. This makes a truly bespoke feature to BPTV and mirrors the company’s ethos of always putting the customer first.

About Bedroom Pleasures:
BedroomPleasures is a division of Net Trading UK Ltd and was formed in 2003 to provide a fast, safe and reliable way for shoppers to purchase adult products from the comfort of their own home.

BedroomPleasures is dedicated to bringing the best selection of adult toys and lingerie, coupled with an outstanding service and fast delivery. Bedroom pleasures also checks prices against other UK based retailer websites on a weekly basis and offers a price promise to ensure customers can’t buy cheaper sex toys in the UK, and the chance to claim free sex toys with purchases over a certain value.

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Bedroompleasures Has Reported Increasing Numbers Of People Celebrating Halloween With Sexy Costumes And An Explosion In The Number Of Halloween Related Toys

While most people think that Halloween is just about pumpkins and trick or treating,, online sex toy retailer, has reported there are a growing number of people celebrating in an altogether different manner.

While Halloween has always been big in the USA, it has only really started to take off in the UK in the past two years. Compared with 2007, BedroomPleasures has noticed an explosion in the number of Halloween related toys and lingerie being sold this year. Rob Stevenson from BedroomPleasures commented, “Our Halloween lingerie related sales have more than doubled from last year and it just seems to be growing and growing”.

This year, more than ever, there seem to be more naughty ways to celebrate Halloween and with this in mind has released a new range of Halloween inspired sex toys and lingerie. This latest range includes provocative outfits which can either be worn to a Halloween party or for more intimate playful dressing up for a partner in the bedroom.

BedroomPleasures has introduced over a dozen examples of naughty Halloween inspired attire for those looking to spice up this years’ All Hallows’ Eve, such as Red Devil, Wicked Dark Fairy, Reversable Witch and Broomstick Babe costumes for women.

For men looking to make an entrance at a party there is the Dr Rigamortis Costume, a simple yet stylishly handsome lab coat, styled with pockets and decorated with Coroner imagery on the back, or the Leg Avenue Prince of Darkness Costume. Each costume comes complete with a range of appropriate accessories such as hats, horns and tails.

As well as seeing an increase in the sales of themed lingerie and costumes, BedroomPleasures has also noted a rise in the popularity of their Glow In The Dark Cuffs and Funky Bondage Tape.

As an added treat to help entice customers to decide to splash out on a new costume, BedroomPleasures has also decided to introduce a 10% discount on all future orders.

Formed in 2003, with the aim of selling high class sex aids of any nature on the internet, BedroomPleasures is now one of the largest online sex toy and lingerie companies in the UK, stocking over 3,000 products. BedroomPleasures serves hundreds of happy customers every day and provides same-day dispatches to the UK, Europe and beyond.

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Bedroom Pleasures Brings The Award Winning We Vibe Personal Massager To The UK

Bedroom Pleasures, one of the largest sex toy and lingerie companies in the UK, has made the revolutionary couple’s sex toy, the We Vibe, available in the UK after previously only being available in the US.

The We Vibe Personal Massager is a new, dual purpose vibrator for individual use or with a partner. Totally rechargeable and waterproof, the We Vibe can be used while having sex even upon penetration, offering both partners the added sensation of pulsating vibrations, with The We Vibe is a well designed and discreet clitoral vibrator. The revolutionary and distinctive “C” shape is exclusive to the We-Vibe and it boasts a number of innovative features not currently available anywhere else in the adult novelty market. Unlike traditional and typical dual stimulation toys, the We-Vibe is the only hands-free, strapless, and wireless product that provides powerful stimulation directly to the clitoris and G-Spot as it is worn while making love.

The inner skeleton design of the We Vibe allows it to be flexible helping to ease insertion. The soft surface is made from medical grade silicon ensuring that users won’t experience the allergic reactions that can be suffered when using items made from phthalates or latex. The surface is also ridged, designed to give stimulation along and around the clitoris and vaginal wall. Discreet and small, the We Vibe’s dual motors provide harmonic pulsations between 3000rpm and 5000rpm.

Over time, the We-Vibe becomes familiar with its owner’s body and conforms naturally, while the internal memory material learns to accommodate its individual user.

The new vibrator recently won Top Toy of the Year by the viewers of “Talk Sex with Sue Johanson” in the US and, due to its innovative design and overall versatility, many in the sex toy industry see the potential of the We Vibe replacing a selection of sex toys upon its arrival in the UK.

About Bedroom Pleasures:
Bedroom Pleasures was formed in 2003 by James Knight and Rob Stevenson. The company was founded with the aim of selling high class sex aids of any nature on the internet, and 2006 saw Bedroom Pleasures move into a new 2500 square foot premises in Watford.

Currently, Bedroom Pleasures is one of the largest online sex toy and lingerie companies in the UK. Over 3,000 products are in stock and ready for same day dispatch. Bedroom Pleasures serves hundreds of happy customers every day and dispatches to the UK, Europe and beyond.

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