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NETCONG, NEW JERSEY, 2017-Apr-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — Breaking Games, an award-winning game publisher and manufacturer, announced that Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the nation’s largest retail bookseller and a leading retailer of content, digital media and educational products, will carry five of Breaking Games’ titles, starting April 9, in about 650 of its stores across the nation. The games are: Game of 49, Game of Phones, Boomtown Bandits, Keep Calm, and MoonQuake Escape.

“While we may be living in the golden age of technology, when people come home from work and school, they crave human interaction. That’s why the board game market has risen for seven consecutive years to become a billion-dollar industry,” said Shari Spiro, CEO of Breaking Games. “Breaking Games produces tabletop games that are highly engaging, interactive and entertaining. We couldn’t think of a better like-minded partner than Barnes & Noble to help us share the joy of board gaming with five of our most popular titles. There is something for everyone!”

  • Boomtown Bandits: Boomtown Bandits is a fast-paced, high-noon shootout with dice. You play a camp of bandits trying to rob the town blind, out-rolling and out-witting family and friends for the most loot.
    • MSRP: $40
    • Age Range:13+
    • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Game of 49: A Mensa-recommend game, players start the game with $49 and a supply of chips, where the goal is to get four chips in a row. Players need to bid, budget, battle, and buy their way to victory.
    • MSRP: $20
    • Age Range: 10+
    • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Game of Phones: Game of Phones is a race to find the best or weirdest things on players’ smartphone, such as, who has the best selfie, worst text, most unread emails. Tap faster, out-culture and think cooler than the people around you to win.
    • MSRP: $20
    • Age Range:12+
    • Number of Players: 3+
  • Keep Calm: Keep Calm is the hilarious party game, where players are put into ridiculous situations and must decide what they are going to do. Whether you Keep Calm or Panic, you’ll laugh your @$$ off doing it.
    • MRSP: $25
    • Age Range: 18+
    • Number of players: 3-8
  • MoonQuake Escape: Get ready to face the challenges of the spinning, changing 3D surface of the doomed prison planet of Zartaclaton. A massive MoonQuake grants you sudden freedom from your captivity, but there’s only one way to Escape, the last rescue rocket, and you need to reach it before the other players.
    • MSRP: $50.00
    • Age Range: 10+
    • Number of Players: 2-6


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About Breaking Games

Founded by Shari Spiro of Ad Magic – manufacturer of Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and many more – Breaking Games is a publishing company dedicated to getting the latest indie games to players’ tabletops. In its first two years, Breaking Games developed Mensa Select winners for 2015 and 2016, as well as IndieCade and Tabletop Deathmatch finalists, and multiple games in Target stores nationwide. Miss Spiro was awarded Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in New Jersey. Breaking Games uber-promotes their game designers because they are the rock stars of tabletop gaming. Designers work directly with the Breaking Games team on design, development, art, and promotion to bring their vision to life. Breaking Games is proud to produce some of today’s most innovative family, strategy and party games.

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