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Tag: business telephone systems

Get a phone system that helps your business get heard loud and clear with snom VOIP phones from BT Business Direct

Business owners and managers have enough on their plate dealing with the running of their enterprises. So when it comes to the technology they choose to support its operation, they expect it to be practical, efficient – and to make their work easier. That's just what any business can get with snom's VoIP telephone systems. Designed and developed…

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SMBs Turn To Billion For Stable And Secure Networking Solutions

Demand is increasing from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for safe, secure and reliable ways to run a network and connect to the internet, according to BT Business Direct. The UK's leading business computing, networking and ITC specialist has said due to changes in the way consumers shop for goods and the increasing reliance on the…

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Cashback Offer On Print-From-Anywhere HP ePrinters From BT Business Direct Makes Them A Smart Investment

Have you ever been caught out when giving a presentation by not being able to make quick prints of a particular page? Well, with Hewlett-Packard's ePrint enabled printers range, that can become a thing of the past. And right now at BT Business Direct, we've teamed up with HP to bring you a great cashback deal,…

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Get People Talking About Your Business With The Latest Adobe Presentation Software From BT Business Direct

In this modern era of mass communication, everyone is bombarded with images and messages. So small businesses, in particular, need all the help they can get to make themselves, and their messages, stand out. BT Business Direct can now give companies of any size the means to get themselves noticed, with the latest Adobe Creative Suite…

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