Carrefour Quality Lines explained

Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE, 2016-Jun-02 — /EPR Retail News/ — Carrefour’s specific actions to promote biodiversity are conveyed, in particular, via the Carrefour Quality Lines.

Explanation of Carrefour Quality Lines:
The Carrefour Quality Lines approach is a partnership initiated by Carrefour over 20 years ago between itself and farmers or livestock breeders, which is underpinned by a reciprocal commitment: long-term markets and a guarantee of quality, authentic-tasting products produced using environmentally-friendly farming or livestock rearing methods. Today, there are 438 Carrefour Quality Lines throughout the world and over 21,000 producers who form part of these supply chains.

Focus on the preservation of bees and development of hives.
Carrefour Quality Line honey is fully in keeping with France’s Ministry of Agriculture 2013 Apiculture Sustainable Development Plan.
Since 2014, Carrefour has been developing Carrefour Quality Line Corsican Honey in conjunction with eight bee-keepers. This honey fulfils the specific production conditions (working only in wild areas, pure beeswax frame, smoking using natural fuel, etc.) which protects the environment and promotes the well-being of the bees.

Carrefour also developed a bee-keeping supply chain in Poland.

New in 2016:
Carrefour supports producers of French royal jelly by developing Carrefour Quality Lines royal jelly with three bee-keepers. This partnership ensures guaranteed traceability and controlled production conditions. Nutrient dense Carrefour Quality Lines fresh royal jelly needs to be kept at between 2° and 5° to preserve all of its qualities. It is immediately chilled after harvesting and placed in isothermal packaging made from cork, Carrefour Quality Lines royal jelly is never frozen.

Did you know?
Carrefour has 150 beehives on its sites in France, which are managed by partner bee-keepers. Under the partnership agreements, what is harvested can be sold in stores or given to charitable organizations or schools.  The bee-keepers regularly organize awareness-raising activities on the preservation of biodiversity on site for young people and customers from the stores.
By 2017, Carrefour plans to have some 250 beehives on the roofs of these Carrefour and Market sales outlets.



Carrefour Quality Lines explained

Carrefour Quality Lines explained