Children’s Halloween costumes sold in Sainsbury’s will be tested to the British nightwear flammability standard

LONDON, 2015-10-8 — /EPR Retail News/ — Over the past few months you may have seen news reports about the standards of safety in children’s Halloween costumes. Under current regulations, fancy dress is only required to be tested to the same standard as European toys. However, at Sainsbury’s, we don’t feel that that’s enough and as such from this Halloween all children’s dress up sold in our stores will be tested to the British nightwear flammability standard – the toughest standard that currently exists.

Additionally, from 2016, we will be introducing our own more rigorous safety standard for all children’s fancy dress outfits. For the past year we have been working with an independent laboratory of industry experts to develop our own safety standard which is designed to test the performance of our dress up outfits – i.e. recreating the test conditions most similar to how we would imagine a child to wear fancy dress. This has not been a simple task, but the safety of children is our number one priority and introducing a higher, tougher standard of testing is the right thing to do.

Our new standard of testing will include flammability testing up to the British nightwear flammability standard – which means testing the whole outfit for safety rather than the individual materials as well as all the materials used on the garment in the testing. We will also be testing garments before they’re washed rather than after, to create a more realistic home situation. Sainsbury’s technologists have also looked at a number of factors to reduce the flammability of a specific garment including any detail and embellishment around the hemlines as well as how combinations of materials react together. We’ve also been looking at the type of fabrics and materials used in dress up and whether some burn more easily than others – for example, there is an assumption that natural fabrics burn less quickly that man-made materials but this isn’t necessarily the case.

All clothing carries some fire risk, but we hope that introducing our own rigorous testing standards that treats and tests dress up clothes as clothes and not toys will be the first step towards safer testing across the industry.

James Brown, Sainsbury’s Director of Non Food.


Children’s Halloween costumes sold in Sainsbury’s will be tested to the British nightwear flammability standard

Children’s Halloween costumes sold in Sainsbury’s will be tested to the British nightwear flammability standard

Escapade Unveil Hundreds Of New Costumes In Time For Halloween

Escapade fancy dress will be unveiling hundreds of new and unique costumes on the site. The huge increase in stock is just in time for Halloween and will see Escapade reveal their widest ever selection of Halloween costumes in their 28 year history.

Amongst the great selection of new Halloween costumes are some exciting “Ani-Motion” masks from California costumes, which allow the wearer to bring their Halloween costume to life with a user controlled moving face mask. The new range also includes brand new takes on seasonal favourites such as Michael Myers and Donnie Darko costumes.

The new range of very exciting costumes being introduced to Escapade include exclusive creations from world renown illustrator Brom, who is notorious for creating a plethora of horror characters in films such as Sleepy Hollow and Van Helsing as well as games such as Doom 2 and World of Warcraft and a series of dark comics. The Escapade collection of Brom fancy dress are amongst the most horrific and sublime customers will find come Halloween.

Escapade Director Bhupendra Maisuria said: “We are very excited about the new range of Halloween fancy dress that will be on offer for 2010. With our ever expanding collection we hope to be able to provide our customers with the best selection in the UK, which will allow them to find their perfect outfit. So, whether they are going to Bestival, hosting their own Halloween costume party or would simply like to create their own unforgettable escapade, we can provide a costume for every occasion.”

In addition to the new costumes being sold online at, there will still be all the existing fancy dress costume favourites including Batman, Captain America and Stormtroopers available this Halloween.

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Escapade Stocks Official Karate Kid Costumes In Time For Film Release

Escapade, fancy dress suppliers, has introduced the officially licensed Karate Kid costumes to its stock listings to coincide with the release of the remake of the 1980s cult classic.

To celebrate the launch of the film, Escapade is stocking the officially licensed fancy dress costumes from the 1980s film, including favourites Cobra Kai and Daniel San costumes.

Escapade is one of the few suppliers in the UK that has managed to get its hands on the official Karate Kid costumes.

Pendra Maisuria, chief executive officer of Escapade, said: “We are looking forward to the release of the new Karate Kid film and hope that it can live up to the huge success of its iconic 1980s predecessor. In anticipation for the new film we will be wearing our officially licensed 80s Karate Kid, Daniel San and Cobra Kai costumes around the shop.”

The remake, featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son), follows the same coming-of-age storyline as the original but is set in China rather than the United States of America.

Smith, who plays the role of the plucky youngster, is no longer Daniel Larusso – but goes by the name of Dre Parker. After being bullied in his new school by the boyfriend of his love interest, Dre gets the tuition of the elderly Mr Han (played by Chan) as he prepares to fight for his dignity – and the girl – at an upcoming karate tournament.

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