The Great Gift Company Customers Stocking Up On Christmas Presents

Less than 8 weeks until Christmas Day, yes just 8 weeks, and customers are starting to get some ideas about what they are going to get those close to them for Christmas. The Great Gift Company, an online retailer of gifts for men, have seen an increasing number of customers visiting their website to get some Christmas, stocking filler and secret Santa presents.

Mette Downer, Managing Director of the company, said;

“Customers are always looking for a wide range of Christmas gifts for men from sporting gifts to travel related gifts. This is why we have worked really hard to make sure that we have a range of gifts to make sure our customers can prepare themselves for Christmas!”

As the Christmas markets all around the UK start to pop up and the temperatures tip into the minuses, The Great Gift Company offers customers an easy (and warmer!) way of buying their Christmas presents for men this year.

From music gifts such as “1001 albums you must hear before you die” to sporting gifts such as a golf chipping net where they can practise their swing, whatever you are looking to buy the man in your life for Christmas you will find it here, simply visit to see all the products on sale.

You can even find some great stocking filler gifts and secret santa presents as well. If you are looking for secret santa gift ideas then you can make the most of the ability to shop by budget, something that you are going to need when searching for secret santa gifts.

There are hundreds of great gift ideas for men and boys of all ages under £15 at the Great Gift Company – where its easy to buy your Christmas presents from the comfort of your own home.

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Great Student Gifts from the Great Gift Company

Students all over the country are going to be packing their bags and heading to university. Whether they are returning for another year or starting in their first year, it is a big moment for parents and celebrating this new path in life is something many parents are looking to do.

The Great Gift Company, a leading gifts company, has added a range of mens gifts that are ideal for students going back to or starting university. These are all superb gifts that won’t break the bank but will be perfect for every student.

Mette Downer, Director of the Great Gift Company, said “Sending your kids to university can be scary but we have tried to produce a range of products that will give them all they need to survive without us parents there!”

There are a number of student gifts available but here are some that have been picked out;

The University Survival Guide – £8

University can be a scary place when you first start and this survival guide will give them some much needed advice on a range of topics including first aid, living with others and how to make your money go further. 168 pages of tips and tricks for all students and it is worth every penny!

Weekend Travel Bag – £38

Fashionable and stylish, this weekend bag is perfect when they are planning a trip back home or to one of their new friends. The weekend travel bag is a great purchase because it well stand the test of time and all students are sure to get their money’s worth.

Hangover Cook Book – £7

Let’s face it, it is freshers week and there is bound to be a few sore heads in the morning and that is why the hangover cook book is an essential purchase for all students. With some easy and affective recipes, they will be feeling right as rain in no time!

See for yourself how good the presents at the Great Gift Company are, you can also rely on them when it comes to finding Christmas gifts for men. Visit for a full list of products.

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Beat the Christmas Shopping Rush With Christmas Hamper

With Christmas just days away, and with more shoppers than expected heading to the high street, Christmas Hamper advise consumers on how to make Christmas a lot less stressful.

Shoppers have returned to the British high street in their thousands this year, as recent figures have revealed that more consumers than expected went Christmas shopping during the final weekend before Christmas, spending an estimated £1 billion on the Saturday before Christmas alone. While this is great news for retailers after a rather difficult year, it isn’t great news for customers, as more sales means more crowds and also longer waiting times. However, shoppers who still have presents to buy needn’t worry because Christmas Hamper have a solution.

A spokesperson for Christmas Hamper explains:
“December has been a much more profitable period for retailers than previously expected, as more consumers than expected have returned to the high street. However, the increase in sales has led to issues for customers, as the surge in people visiting shops, supermarkets and other retail centres had meant that their shopping experience might not have been as enjoyable. At Christmas Hamper, we know how stressful Christmas shopping can be, and so we’ve taken a lot of time and care to that our customers can order our hampers in the comfort of their own home, and with no stress.

While the retail figures from last weekend before Christmas have revealed that shoppers in the UK spent an impressive £1.5 million every minute last Saturday, the high street is obviously a very busy place to be this Christmas. But at Christmas Hamper, they have some advice for any shopper that has to do last minute chopping during the festive season, including the final day to order gifts to ensure they arrive before Christmas day.

The spokesperson for Christmas Hamper continues: “Christmas time is obviously the busiest time of year to go shopping, with so much to buy, such as cards, wrapping paper, gifts, toys and hampers but we realise that there are certain times when a consumer has to go to the high street or their supermarket to get some last minute presents and other essentials for the festive season. So our advice to customers is that if they are worrying about going shopping during this time, then they should be organised, they need to have a plan before they leave the house: such as writing a list of what they need, how much it costs, and where they have to buy it, and they should leave the house early in order to beat the crowds. If they are ordering presents online, then it’s vital that they are aware of the final day to order gifts to ensure Christmas delivery. At Christmas Hamper, our final order date before Christmas is the 21st of December, which means that anyone who orders on this date will receive their hamper before the 25th. Once all the shopping is done, it’s time to relax and enjoy Christmas, and so we want to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

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Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey Set to Be This Year’s Top Toy at Christmas

The Talkative toy featured on the BBC’s Something for the Weekend’s gadget reviews section is now being sold at Men’s Gifts and men’s accessories retailer Menkind and is bound to be a big hit with children and adults alike this Christmas.

Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey has been hotly tipped to be a great source of entertainment this Christmas as the product is due for release in October during the build up to December. Toy companies such as Hamleys and Wow! Stuff have both ordered plenty in and placed it within their Top 10 toys for Christmas presents in 2010 and even though one retailer has ordered a huge stock of 450,000 they still don’t think they’ll meet the massive consumer demand for Dave, this year’s most popular monkey.

The toy is touted as an interactive ventriloquist dummy although you can operate it completely hands-free via the remote control which could easily be hidden behind your back or pocket. Dave attaches to your shoulder via a strap that secures Dave on to your shoulder and can interact with you and other people around with a repertoire of over 30 moves and actions. With actions such as laughing, crying, giving high fives and even blowing a
raspberry it is just like having an actual cheeky monkey on your shoulder with the advantage of not having to clean up after him!

Harbir Padda of Menkind had the following to say about the addition of Dave to the company’s Christmas line-up, “Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey is sure to be a big hit this Christmas with similar ‘virtual pet’ gifts being huge last year, although none have been quite as fun and entertaining as Dave!”

Menkind Stores and it’s online store at are already taking orders for Dave as well as many other popular men’s Christmas gifts such as the Magic Wand Remote Control also featured on TV in the popular Dragon’s Den show where notorious dragon Duncan Bannatyne beat other Dragons to the punch by placing the winning bid for a stake in the Kymera Magic Wand Remote.

For many men’s gifts including remote controlled cars, big boy’s toys and attractive men’s watches visit

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