Displaysense Glimpses A Different Cost Of The Economic Climate

Displaysense has revealed that throughout the recession and continuing into the gradual economic recovery, a rise in crime targeting retail and fashion retailers has been seen. This is the conclusion reached by the company after speaking to its customers and reviewing its sales figures since the recognised start of the downturn in the winter of 2008.

Displaysense, leading suppliers of clothes hangers and clothes steamers has reportedly seen unexpected and continuing growth in parts of their business that seem to back up reports from several customers who cite theft of display units as the motivation behind their purchase.

A 27% rise in demand for individual components for display stands rather than full units could be interpreted in a number of ways to counter the companies assertion that retail and fashion stores have been targeted for their displays by thieves.

However, last year, Reuters reported that the global economic crisis might not only fuel a rise in crime but also seriously hinder police operations to combat the increase due to sweeping government cut backs. Sociologists indicate that crime has increased during every recession since the late 1950s – a clear sign that people can be persuaded to break the law when they’re desperate.

It is directly via their consumers that the Displaysense draws much of its evidence, and being one of the biggest names in the display industry, the Hertfordshire company is well placed to make such claims. It reports that it is seeing an increase in incidents of its customers becoming victims of thieves that appear to be targeting specific display items. These include stolen wheels from mobile clothes rails, particular parts of mannequins such as the hands and even shelves from wall displays.

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Displaysense Reports Empty Shops Proving An Unlikely Source Of Business

Displaysense, the UKs leading supplier of display products, has recently seen a surge in customers ordering display items with the intention of using them for small, short-term projects within empty high street lots.

The company first noticed the wave of customers using empty sites when large orders of mannequins and vintage busts were ordered for 24 hour exhibitions set up in these vacant, yet premium high street sites.

A rising number of people organising fashion and art exhibitions have been ordering from the UK based display company after securing deals with site owners to stage small events. As long term contracts are still not presenting themselves, the idea of letting the sites out to these small businesses appears to have become more appealing. The blight of ugly, derelict outlets has long been an issue that councils are keen to see the back of. Previous attempts to rekindle the high streets have involved setting up fake shop facades to give the false impression of a healthy economy.

Steve Whittle, marketing director for Displaysense commented: “Often the locations of the empty stores are occupying the most retail friendly sites that are poised to get the most amount of traffic. It’s no wonder that people are leaping at the opportunity to set up short term ventures with no obligation to sign long term contracts. Displaysense has supplied a wide range of products to be used in these projects; from mannequins for fashion shows to collapsible display cabinets for small exhibitions.

“It’s been fairly hectic – these people are looking for a low cost, effective and attractive way of shop fitting that doesn’t require interior designers or any activity that will take too long. We’ve made sure we have high stocks of items that are being used for these short term projects so we can match the client’s deadlines. Time is of the essence with these types of venture so it pays to be prepared and help equip these shops as quickly as possible.”

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